From today’s paper:

This is an election year in Saskatchewan and the last thing the province needs is a damaging political fight that could dent its image as a place that’s good to do business.

NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter seems keen on making potash royalties an issue in the campaign, but he might want to consider whether this issue will turn off voters who fear a return to anti-business policies that dampened investment in the past. He might also reflect on the experience of Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. When a government-appointed panel suggested large royalty rate hikes on the oil and gas sector in that province, the fallout damaged business confidence and hurt the ruling Conservatives.

Our publisher Terry’s comment: “Bad for business. Right. Remind me again why we even have elections?”

My two bits: I have no opinion on a Potash royalty review. Maybe the L-P is right — maybe this isn’t the right time. I really dunno. But I do know that if and when businesses attempt to blackmail us by withholding investment unless we give them unreasonably sweet royalty deals, we should tell them to fuck off, nationalize the particular industry and move forward. The Leader-Post’s message here seems to be “oh noes we haz to give business whatever they want, you guys!” Not true at all. Royalties should be rationally determined and fair. The end!

I’ll leave it to better-informed people than me to tackle the L-P editorial’s insane “return to anti-business policies that dampened investment in the past” nonsense. Yikes. Comment away below, if you like.