Starting tonight, and running until Saturday March 28, the University of Regina Theatre Department is presenting a student production of Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi’s 18th century commedia del’arte fairy tale The King Stag.

You can learn more about the production in the YouTube video below. But the main narrative thread involves the search for a bride for Prince Deramo. Palace politics soon rears its ugly head, though, as key players in the court put forward candidates to marry the prince so that they can gain further power.

Using an enchanted bust, the prince interviews the candidates, and discovers which one truly loves him. But because the woman he ultimately selects does not have high standing in the court further palace intrigue follows.

The King Stag is directed by Joey Tremblay, who has a well-deserved reputation for taking classic works of theatre and re-envisioning them in an imaginative way for a contemporary audience. For this production, steam-punk is apparently one of the influences Tremblay drew on.

Curtain each night is at 7:30 p.m., and the production is being held at the University of Regina Theatre. Tickets are Adults $15, Seniors & Children $10, with University Students free with ID. More information can be obtained by calling  306-585-5562.