I’m not one to get too pumped up about upcoming music release schedules, mostly because my organization skills for such are matters are next to non-existent and I need to essentially have something in my hands (or, as is mostly the case with press types these days, in my digital paws) before I can get excited about it.

The big exception for 2012 is the new Henry Clay People record, Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives, coming out at the end of June. The Glendale, California band are in that league of Hold Steady-style sing-shouters, a non-stop rock ‘n’ roll band you can yell along to. Their 2010 album, Somewhere on the Golden Coast, was my absolute, hands-down favourite record of that year, and 2011’s digital-only EP This Is a Desert was the best musical thing that clocked in at under 20 minutes.

This Is a Desert
also featured the great line “We weren’t born to run, we were born to stay right here”, making clear the twist on the old Bruce Springsteen ethic they’re working with. They’re dudes in their 20s running low on option, without even the hot ride Springsteen’s characters often had to get the hell out of town.

They’ve just released a track from the new album, “Friends Are Forgiving”. You can listen to it above, although I won’t blame you if you don’t actually watch the video.