If you’re up for a blast from the past in a Can-rock context, the Toronto punk band the Headstones are playing a show at Casino Regina on Tuesday Jan. 26. The band was a fixture on the Canadian music scene from the early 1990s until their break-up in 2002. They reformed in 2013, and have been playing fairly regularly since then.

The band’s highest profile member was front man Hugh Dillon, who in addition to music has carved out a pretty decent career for himself as a TV/film actor highlighted by his starring turn in Bruce MacDonald’s 1996 punk mockumentary Hard Core Logo.

Again, the show goes at Casino Regina on Tuesday. The back-up act is Thunder Bay-based rock band Poor Young Things. To give you a sense of what the Headstones sound like now, here’s the video for “Farawayfromhere” off their 2013 album Love + Fury: