It feels like any minute now, Regina will be in full-on Grey Cup mode for when we host the 2013 CFL championship. I imagine grocery stores are already looking at how they’ll get in enough watermelons for the event. And as cool as that will be, it will also be a huge headache, even if you are a football fan. To be honest, I can’t remember much about the last time the game was held here other than I got a toque out of the deal and saw a nice parade. Right now, I’m a little curious as to how bad it might get in our fair city.

Now, the MLB All-Star Game is a different beast altogether, but reading about what it’s been like in Kansas City for the past bit is what’s brought these questions to mind. The game itself, held last night, was a kick to the pants if you’re generally an American League fan, as they fell to the National League eight to nothing. The top of the first inning was especially painful, as Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander allowed five runs on his watch.

Atlantic writer Hampton Stevens had frustrations outside of the game, including having the poor record of the Kansas City Royals rubbed in his face and not being able to escape “Goin’ to Kansas City”.

There was also inconveniences all over the place:

The city spent weeks scrubbing sidewalks and planting flowers. Formerly free parking spaces suddenly jumped to $20 an hour, with none to be had. We got overly cheerful greeters at the airport and pennant-shaped “Welcome!” signs in the intersections of big thoroughfares. The city dyed the fountains blue, too, and bathed buildings with projected lights. Someone even had the twisted foresight to build a new Taco Bell across the street from the stadium just so there would be one on camera for Sunday’s Bell-sponsored Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

You know, the more I think of it, if we get a Taco Bell near downtown Regina out of this whole Grey Cup deal, maybe everything else will be worth it.