John GormleySeems John Gormley didn’t like our 13 Horrors Of Regina feature. Last Tuesday on his show he raged about it, calling it claptrap and saying: “It’s intellectually fuzzy. Well, that’s Prairie Dog per usual. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.” (Listen to the whole segment on the Newstalk 980 website.)

I phoned up Whitworth right after listening to the show to say, “Crap, we totally should’ve had a blurb about Gormley in the Horrors of Regina.”

“Next year,” he said, “We’ll call him the Goblin King.”

Hence the title of this post.

Meanwhile, listening to an entire episode of John Gormley Live made me think of two other entries we should have included in the 13 Horrors but didn’t: The Left-Winged Chimera and The Straw Manticore. But they can wait. I’m sure they’ll be around next Halloween.

Anyway, during the segment, Gormley mentioned how nobody ever reads Prairie Dog which I thought was pretty funny because not only had he clearly read the Halloween issue, he went on to read two excerpts on the air.

It. Was. Awesome! Somehow his talk radio host voice really brought out the true horror of the feature. So, considering today is October 31 and I’m sure you’re all in the mood for a scare, I thought I’d share a couple clips of John Gormley reading from Prairie Dog‘s Halloween feature, The 13 Horrors of Regina. First up, Aidan Morgan’s terrifying tale of giant monster run amok, “The Boom Kaiju.”

Next, John Gormley reads a frightening fable by Stephen Whitworth called “The Truck Orcs.”

There you go. Happy Halloween!