The Star Wars: The Force Awakens official trailer is finally in theatres and online. I’ve only watched it three times looking for hints on degrees of suckiness.

Hints that it might suck: 1) The Title. The Force Awakens? I didn’t know it went to sleep. I thought Luke, Leia and Hans saved the galaxy at the end of episode VI? Maybe the force needed some R and R and this movie is a Beach Blanket Bingo romp fest with Disney castaways. 2) Comic Relief. Jar Jar Binks completely ruined the first episode. Now they have a little Weebles Wobbles rolling robot. That’s not the droid we’re looking for. 3) JJ Abrams did Star Trek. What happened to the great nerd divide? Worlds are colliding. 4) Disney. ‘Nuff said but then again a Star Wars theme park might not be a bad thing. Hoth, Tatooine, okay maybe not. 5) Black Friday. Dark Side. Get it?

Stay tuned for the other trailers in The Star Wars Franchise.

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