The Distrikt Is Done

From the Distrikt’s Facebook page:

After countless years as a staple live music venue in Regina, 1326 Hamilton Street in Regina will close it’s doors for good.

Currently operating as The Distrikt – we will host one final weekend on Friday September 14 and Saturday September 15.

No word is given as to what will be happening with the space, which has also housed a fistful of other venues in its time in Regina. I’ve sent an e-mail out with some questions — I’ll post again on the Dog Blog with any updates.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “The Distrikt Is Done”

  1. Well, if Mark Docherty’s political career flames out perhaps he can be persuaded to reopen “The Venue”.

  2. According to a comment that whoever’s running the Distrikt left on its FB photo, “the space will never be a live music venue again. Period. The space is going to be used for a health and fitness studio.” Which, holy shit.

  3. Can’t say I’ve passed thru its doors since the early 2000s, but holy that’s gross. Another sign Regina’s marketplace seems to be liquidating youth culture.

  4. As for Mark Docherty’s “political career”, doesn’t it need to ignite before it can “flame out”? All SP backbenchers seem the same to me – say absolutely nothing, act affable and smile at social events. Don’t talk, except to explain how you’re cleaning up the imaginary mes the NDP left behind. Pretend.

  5. Reference to Mr. Docherty here was meant as an apolitical observation of Regina’s storied past, but whatevs.

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