Comics’ Super Shame

You know, I was just ranting the other day about how awesome comics were in the late 80s, early 90s. And while there was epically brilliant, genre-changing stuff coming out then (Sandman, Watchmen), I’d forgotten how mainstream superhero comics were right in the crapper. Yeesh, did they stink.

Kudos to Max Landis, the writer of Chronicle, for reminding me of comicdoms’ very lowest point….

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Comics’ Super Shame”

  1. It’s a cute enough video, but I mean, what? Taking potshots at a 20-year-old comic? Comics right now, especially DC Comics, are 1,000,000 times worse than this. Mainly because in 2004 they discovered rape as a plot device. Seriously sad stuff.
    Superman, despite being a corporate trademark held by an increasingly shit company, remains THE BOSS.

  2. I haven’t really paid careful attention to DC superhero comics much since that death of Superman story arc in ’92 — it was just so crappy — so I didn’t know about this use of rape as a plot device.

    That’s seriously shitty.

    I hear from Shane that the Action Comics reboot is pretty good and from what he’s said, I’m almost willing to give it a try.

    When it gets collected in softcover, maybe.

    But I don’t know, I suspect DC is going to fuck it all up again. Especially after what I’ve read about the Titans reboot and the icky stuff they’re doing with most of their female protagonists. That really pisses me off. I think if my daughter saw what they’ve done to Starfire (she’s a fan of Teen Titans Go and Tiny Titans) she’d probably cry.

    Anyway, I think that where Superman has been preserved the best is in the cartoons. And Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman.

    I don’t know… you seem to be more current on this, Emmet. Is there anything else I should be reading? I mean, apart from real books.

  3. You’ve heard they’re going ahead with Watchmen sequels, right? Prequels, actually. Lots and lots of them.
    I haven’t read any of the reboots, actually. I’ve more or less stopped reading superhero comics since becoming a dad. I have kept up with Grant Morrison’s (same guy who wrote All Star Superman and the new Action Comics) terrific and sprawling Batman saga, though.
    I’m really a big fan of the Silver Age Superman stories under editor Mort Weisinger (which Morrison calls a “Jungian bowel movement”), particularly the Lois Lane series.
    This is currently my favourite Superman story of all time:

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