From CTV:

A day after his landslide re-election, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall hinted at a new battle with union leaders.

“We’re not going to be looking for arguments, but if there’s opportunities to increase accountability and transparency for union members, we’re going to pursue those,” Wall said Tuesday.

Wall, who has butted heads with union leaders since his Saskatchewan Party came to power in 2007, mused during the election campaign about requiring unions to reveal how they spend their members’ money. On Tuesday, he said that could mean legislation as early as this fall, although he wouldn’t provide details.

“We know there’s a certain amount of publication of union finances that happens now, but maybe it should be even more forthright,” he said.

I see, so more harassment of unions. Excellent. I particularly like this quote:

“We’re not going to worry as much about the relationship with union leadership that made it quite clear … that they’re not entirely interested in working with the government or the truth of the record of the government of Saskatchewan.”

Now that’s just rich. “Truth”? What nonsense. Here’s reality: it’s Brad Wall and his government who are “not entirely interested” in working with union leadership. Example: the Wall government swooped into power and immediately introduced anti-union legislation which Wall and his government brought in without any consultation with unions.

Not a surprise: the Sask Party certainly seem to be on friendly terms with the business groups that push for anti-union laws, and they seem far cozier with said business groups then the Sask. NDP has been to labour groups in the past three decades.

Yes, labour unions have historically supported the NDP, though often grudgingly and not without some big falling-outs. And yes, labour has mistrusted the Saskatchewan Party since the party was founded. But Brad Wall and co. proved that mistrust founded with their actions after they won the 2007 election (and let’s not forget Wall agreeing that “going to war with unions” would be an accurate description of his labour policy before he was even elected premier).

It is baloney for Wall to pretend that his government has been unfairly treated by union leadership. He came to power, threw a bunch of punches and now labour’s leadership doesn’t like him and he’s threatening to use that as an excuse to further the attack? Good grief.

Wall shouldn’t be so full of himself. He just won a landslide because 1.) the economy’s great 2.) many voters — and a lot of NDP supporters — loathed Lingenfelter, and 3.) voters aren’t yet paying close attention to the Sask Party (see point one).

Well, Lingenfelter’s gone and points one and three can and will change.

Brad Wall has a good gig here and a possible huuuge future in federal politics. He would be wise not to mess it up by waging elective wars with people whose he’s already pushed to the, er, Wall.