TruszkowskiIf you’re looking for something to do next Saturday, there’s an artist talk and opening reception for a new exhibition by Robert Truszkowski at the Dunlop Art Gallery’s Sherwood Village location.

Truszkowski is a professor in the University of Regina’s Department of Fine Arts. According to advance publicity from the Dunlop, The Conversationalist incorporates references to a pop song by Beck called “Lost Cause”, an economic principle called “moral hazard” where a person who is protected against risk engages in a risky behaviour knowing that any losses or costs that incur will be born by others, and the mathematical equation underscoring the uncertainty principle which holds that due to the vagaries of quantum mechanics we can never be 100 per cent sure about phenomena that occur in our world.

How all that fits together, I’m not sure, but starting on Nov. 14 we’ll have a chance to find out. The talk and reception go next Saturday at 1 p.m., and I expect we’ll have a review of the exhibition in a future edition of Prairie Dog.