The Caucasian Advantage

That image, as you can probably guess, is from CTV Edmonton. They posted it on their Twitter feed earlier today. Whoo boy.

A post says the comments come from a radio interview with the Wildrose Party candidate. What question the host could’ve asked to elicit this kind of answer, I can’t imagine. Maybe “What’s a terrible thing you could say during a political campaign?”

CTV also posted some of Wildrose leader Danielle Smith’s reaction:

“I think that every candidate puts forward their best argument for why they should be the person who can best represent the community,” Smith said at a campaign event.

Smith said she believes Leech made his comments to illustrate his ability to reach out to people from different backgrounds.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “The Caucasian Advantage”

  1. I am not associated with any Leech’s, or any other form of bloodsucker or “fringe party gone wild” types.

  2. Prairie dog should have a betting pool on what the next issue the Wild Rose Alliance will trip over.


  3. I actually agree with Danielle Smith’s comment and sort of admire it, as I feel the liberal-left tends to chuck its blooper-speaking/cartoon-drawing kin under the bus way too easily. However, while I support Smith’s comments, they fail to address the fact that her candidate is obviously an ignorant, out-of-touch idiot who shouldn’t be allowed w/n 10,000 yards of the public treasury.

  4. Remember the big uproar from the GTA lefties when the Saskatchwan Party was formed. Only problem is these self righteous Easten assholes dont vote in Western Canada

  5. #5 I have no memory of that. Since when do GTA anybodies give a big smelly dump about what happens in Saskatchewan politics? Their city council represents 5x as many people… If anything, it would have been expat Saskatchewanians in Toronto reacting.

    As for Smith, it proves that if you ignore something, it will go away. No need to feed media infatuation with pseudo-scandal. Harper’s been doing it from Day 1, and it seems to work.

  6. I for one am glad that Leech said what he said. It is a simple point of truth that white people are more advantaged. What is to be done about this may not be to actively elect only white officials, however. Rather we should have those conversations about why white people(men) are elected more, earn more, are heard more, are unemployed and imprisoned less and so on. All the talk about free equal society might become a reality eventually but not without talking about it. Good job Leech!

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