The Captain!We had a visitor! Meet The Captain (a.k.a. just Captain, no “the”), a big, awesome fur-baby belonging to Melissa and Luc who’s celebrating his second birthday today (well, the second anniversary of his adoption). According to Mel, this gigantic sweetheart is a Great Pyrenees cross with maybe some Maremma Sheepdog and/or St. Bernard. And possibly even border collie? Perhaps. The Captain is a beast of inscrutable genetics!

Besides being the city’s greatest birthday canine, Captain is famous as Regina’s second-best dog according to Prairie Dog readers voting in this year’s Best Of Regina readers’ poll (he lost to Ruby from Metro Pet Market).

Anyway, we gave The Captain cheese and took some pictures. Here are some of them. I’m in a couple, Luc is in the first.

In conclusion, yay Captain!