_MG_9667The Candahar is an installation by artist Theo Sims that is modelled after a historic pub in Belfast. It first appeared at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and has since been presented in other cities including Calgary. Last weekend, it opened at the MacKenzie Art Gallery

The installation offers an immersive environment that, once you enter it, shifts your perspective in terms of space, time, culture and function. That’s especially true at certain times in the exhibition period when the Candahar actually comes alive as a full-service pub.

The exhibition runs until Sept. 4, and pretty much every Thursday evening the MacKenzie is teaming with someone from Regina or the broader art world to host a social evening. Here’s some of the social evenings that have been confirmed so far.

May 5: First Nations visual artist Dylan Miner, who is currently conducting a residency in Regina; May 12: educator Marc Spooner; May 19: actor/author Jean Freeman; May 26: performing artists Jayden Pfeifer and Johanna Bundon; June 2: visual artist Kyle Herranen; June 23: local dance troupe FadaDance; June 30: musician Marshal Burns; July 7: musician Belle Plaine; July 21: cultural theorist Jeanne Randolph; Sept. 1: MacKenzie curator Michelle LaVallee