I’m going to assume that you have some familiarity with Quidditch, the fictional sport introduced in the Harry Potter series, and jump straight to recommending this article from Outside Magazine. The American publication decided to field a team in the Quidditch World Cup, none of them Muggles without any experience with the real-world adaptation of the sport.

What follows is occasionally funny and eventually quite violent. In retrospect, the early advice their team is given to “hide your girls” seems sensible.

Writer Eric Hansen also explains how a sport that in the novels of J.K. Rowling is played on flying brooms by wizards translates to the real world. For example, the snitch:

At Hogwarts, the snitch hovers and darts of its own accord; here, it’s a tennis ball in a sock hung from the waistband of an unaffiliated volunteer called the snitch runner. The snitch runner is usually an off-season cross-country star and is not limited to the field. Five minutes after he or she is “released” at the start of the game, each team gets to send one unlucky member — the seeker — in pursuit, sometimes up trees.

Outside‘s team catches a snitch from one of their games in a nearby parking lot.