My favourite photo collections at the Leader-Post website are always the ones that are really stretching it, where they try to use stock images to illustrate something like the top five texted words or something.

Then, they put together this: “April’s baby animals”. Oh God damn, now they’ve done it. As evidenced by the Dog Blog having a dedicated “Cute Animal” tag, this is pretty much why people have websites, and why moms and grandmas have email.

If you go through the photos, you won’t notice any of the options in our current prairie dog poll. They’re more interested in zoo cuteness, of which there was apparently an overabundance in April. I think the collection does make a convincing argument for the cuteness of baby things over other things, though, which is why prairie dogs and snakes are getting trounced right now.

The least cute pictures that the LP brings out are the ones where there’s no sense of scale, where they could very well be regular animals. You need that idea of how misshapen they are to really understand how cute they are. Look at those lions: their heads are huge! And they’re so tiny! You can just imagine them being no good at all at walking.

Babies of all kinds are just absurd, impractical creatures. Dressing human babies up in pants and shoes is waiving how ineffective they are in their faces. That’s funny and cute, and why puppies – the ultimate in cute animals, by my estimation – are winning by a good margin right now.