Dan Savage! He’s a Seattle-based sex and relationship columnist, a political pundit, a newspaper editor, the co-founder of the It Gets Better Project and the star of MTV’s Savage U. He’s also a super in-demand public speaker.

A few weeks back, he spoke at the U.S. National High School Journalism Convention about homophobia and the Bible, and he was pretty blunt, and a lot of teens walked out. Here’s the clip.

Thing is, I can’t see how what Savage said wasn’t true or was unfair. He didn’t say “Christians suck” and he didn’t say “religion is stupid” — he said the Bible gets things wrong. Well, yeah. It does. And sensible Christians, including readers of this blog, know this, and they live their lives accordingly.

It’s not like Savage is talking out his big gay ass. He was raised as a devout Catholic and while he’s now an atheist, he still feels a strong connection to the Church. He knows his stuff.

I guess it’s a little harder to take if you wanna cling to beliefs like “gay people are going to hell”. Well, yeah. Homophobia makes gay kids kill themselves. If a few young Christians get their feelings hurt on the way to a better and more tolerant world, tough poop.

(Via Slog)