I support this campaign so hard it’s like I’m Atlas holding up the world, or Superman’s costume holding up Henry Cavill’s man-bits. Two music critics have written an open letter in the Winnipeg Free Press to Gary Begman in the vain hope they won’t book Nickelback to play at the Jets’ opening game:

Please, Person In Charge Of Booking This Event, do not bring Nickelback to Winnipeg that weekend. They can play the arena to their own fans — of which there are many — any time. But a free public performance? That would be tantamount to spitting on Bobby Hull’s toupee, burning Dale Hawerchuk’s jersey, leaving something wet on Thomas Steen’s city council seat or tripping Teemu Selanne on the ice during his final season in the NHL.

The letter is a little arch and a bit too long (and a bit too fixated on Chad Kroeger’s facial hair), but I’m solidly in their camp.