Steve says I’m crazy for doing it, but I have actually been tweeting along as I read the city’s budget. And believe it or not, I’m even picking up followers while I’m at it. As in, netting more than I drive away. Didn’t think that’d happen.

I’m three nights into this experiment and I’ve only managed to get through the Budget In Brief document and part way through the General Operating Budget. I’ve a looooong way to go yet. So I plan to get back at it tonight sometime around 9pm. You can follow along at @PDCityHall.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled all the tweets I’ve written so far and you can read them below. (Unless Storify is overloaded… again… and the slideshow won’t load. In which case, try You know forget it. The embed function at Storify clearly doesn’t work as promised. Here, you can link through to the budget story directly. It seems to work about 50% more often than the embed.