7 thoughts on “That Stephen Harper Is A Smart Guy”

  1. I don’t actually think anyone elected Harper for his false intentions to reform the Senate, but wow, if they did, they must be pretty disillusioned right now. The only use the Senate has ever provided, in my mind anyway, is to provide representation for certain regions that are under-represented by the MP. So it has always been good to have Liberal Senators in Saskatchewan. But man, Stephen Harper has taken patronage appointment to a whole new seedy, in your face level…party hacks, donors, and lobbysists, and what must be construed as Conservative-friendly media personnel, who should be ashamed of themselves.

    I think we should elect Senators the way we elect MPs, except limit them to, at most, 2 seven-year terms, and have some sort of litmus test, like the seem to it the US, that prevents the wingnuts from getting in so Parliament’s ideological, knee-jerk legislation won’t just be rubber-stamped. I think of Congress’s partisan impeachment of Bill Clinton that was rejected unanimously by both parties in the Senate back in 1999 or whatever year that was.

  2. Daniel Alfredson
    Bobby Butler
    Erik Condra
    Kaspars Daugavins
    Nick Foligno
    Colin Greening
    Zenon Konopka
    Milan Michalek
    Jindrichuv Hradec
    Chris Neil
    Peter Regin
    Zack Smith
    Jason Spezza
    Kyle Turris
    Jesse Winchester
    Matt Carkner
    Jared Cowen
    Sergei Gonchar
    Erik Karlsson
    Filip Kuba
    Brian Lee
    Chris Phillips
    Craig Anderson

  3. OK, so Jindrichuv Hradec is a city in the Czech Republic, and I forgot Alex Auld — I still fared better than Harper did.

    (Thanks for the text message, Mr. Murray, and good luck in Philadelphia this afternoon!!)

  4. Pre-9/11 Carillon fun. Loving it. The fact the NDP refuses to seat members in the Senate is one Canadian political fact that is always overlooked whenever examples of honesty and integrity in politics ramp up. I don’t think Jack ever moved into Stornoway either.

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