Happy about the stadium deal announced on the weekend? Or not so much? Either way, according to a news release I received earlier today, you’ll have two opportunities to let city hall know how you feel about their stadium plan.

Seems the memorandum of understanding between the city, the province and the Roughriders will be considered by executive committee this Wednesday, July 18. The meeting starts at 11:45, it’s open to the public and anyone can address the committee.

And, unless exec committee tables or refers the MOU back to staff (not likely), it will be discussed by council on July 23.

If you wish to address council, you will have submit a letter to the city clerk’s office requesting to speak and a copy of your presentation — that is, the full text of what you intend to say to council. And you have to have both those things in to the clerk’s office by 1 pm Monday, July 23. (Yep, they’re extending the usual Thursday-before-council deadline this time.)

And, apparently, the MOU will be posted to regina.ca very soon if you want to read the whole thing.