Tell City Hall What You Think About Their Stadium Plan

Happy about the stadium deal announced on the weekend? Or not so much? Either way, according to a news release I received earlier today, you’ll have two opportunities to let city hall know how you feel about their stadium plan.

Seems the memorandum of understanding between the city, the province and the Roughriders will be considered by executive committee this Wednesday, July 18. The meeting starts at 11:45, it’s open to the public and anyone can address the committee.

And, unless exec committee tables or refers the MOU back to staff (not likely), it will be discussed by council on July 23.

If you wish to address council, you will have submit a letter to the city clerk’s office requesting to speak and a copy of your presentation — that is, the full text of what you intend to say to council. And you have to have both those things in to the clerk’s office by 1 pm Monday, July 23. (Yep, they’re extending the usual Thursday-before-council deadline this time.)

And, apparently, the MOU will be posted to very soon if you want to read the whole thing.

Author: Paul Dechene

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19 thoughts on “Tell City Hall What You Think About Their Stadium Plan”

  1. Its not making any sense, guys, to build an open stadium, to spend the money, to take advantage of this as a legacy ego booster, to ignore all the other communities of tax paying citizens who have had their services and wages frozen or cut back, to glorify football as if it were important, to ignore the logistics of residential neighbourhoods re: parking, potential for violence and noise, to encourage the citizens of this city look so foolish to others in Canada and the US with their fan antics and watermelon heads as if it were ‘cute’, to continue to be known throughout the country for your bad civic planning decisions, to try to put it past us that retired football players are good at selling real estate, to even hint at the notion that our leaders are in a conflict of interest and greasing it.

  2. Taylor Field is over 70 years old. Should we not have a stadium anymore? A new one was needed, would’ve been nice if the feds/private pitched in, but at least a concrete plan is in place.

  3. #2 Sounds like you aren’t much into football. I don’t mind wearing a melon on my head. It’s all in fun.
    Sure, some people have too much to drink and give the responsible R/R fans a black eye.

    Let’s get this new stadium built! Make sure it is built right the first time. I don’t mind if it isn’t fully closed. It will be used for more that just R/R games.

  4. This stadium is a slap in the face to every person visiting the food bank. Its an affront to every person struggling to find a place to live in this city. Its nothing more than an ego driven desire to create a “legacy” for someone who feels like they spent too much time in politics and has nothing to show for it. This “found” money from the province should go to, I don’t know, maybe the Health Region Brad told to go find their own $25 million a few weeks ago. The hipocrasy is astounding. All this does is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our mayor and premier are morally bankrupt. They simply do not care about the things in this province that really need to be looked after. Their only concerns are building trophies they can point to to say “Look what I did!”

  5. 5 – not answering the question. Would you rather a) keep paying to renovate a 70 year stadium, b) build a new stadium, c) have no CFL team and no stadium for the various other events that take place there (amateur athletics, concerts etc.).

  6. #5) Raindras…I have to completely agree with #6) Bronymous’s questions addressed to you.

    After I read this editorial so graciously provided by John Cameron in another PD article – (,I question how you can say..

    “This stadium is a slap in the face to every person visiting the food bank. Its an affront to every person struggling to find a place to live in this city.”

    If you read the rest of that editorial, you’ll see what is being addressed in terms of housing issues, etc.

    Instead I find your opinionated comment as a slap to the face of the Roughrider players themselves, the fans who support them and to the charities and organizations with whom the Roughriders support and volunteer to.

    It’s time to support the Roughriders in getting a new home and a better designed Stadium to host many events…including fundraisers for various charities!

    It’s time to end the decades old dilly dallying debate of building a new stadium and get it done. Once it’s built, there will be no need to debate about it anymore until the next 50 years later.

  7. IT’S TIME TO END DEBATE AND SUBMIT TO THE JOCKOCRACY OR WE’LL PUT TIGER BALM ON YOUR SOFT BITS (ps, where do we line up to slap Roughriders players in the face?)

  8. Dawn: having been involved myself with some petitions in the past, I think it would be good for you to have copies hosted for signing at known locations. I fear that the “everybody download a copy” method results in a whole lot of signatures made but never collected in the end (“oops we never finished the sheet, but oh well there must be plenty of others”).

  9. #3 Uhh. “the side was built in 1979/1980,at the cost of 1/2 a dozen ? homes.

    Dallas “Codboy feld” cost 1.4 billon$ and 150 houses.

    Progress at it’s finest..

  10. Emmet, you really want to slap a Rider in the face. Good thing we have quality health care in Canada.

    Not to repeat Wall, but I agree this isn’t an either/or situation. Do you really think if the stadium wasn’t built that all of a sudden we’d have no poor, great affordable housing, and smooth roads all across our huge province?

    This was a decision based on the need for a new stadium – the old one needed to go, and was sucking up $ to fix it. If our city and province really want to not have a stadium, and all that we lose from not having one, then there will be a huge uprising to challenge this decision. Majority rules, not pocketed online and social media disdain.

  11. Emmet, talking to the others, not you (only first comment directed to you about your battle royale with the Riders).

    I think there are a ton of good causes out there that are under-funded, but personally I’d rather invest now in a new stadium instead of continually throwing money at a falling apart outdated stadium. Ideally we would have started building 3 years ago and we wouldn’t have needed to upgrade the current stadium. That’s more tragic than finally putting together a plan. Only other option is not having a stadium at all, which isn’t really an option in Sask, let’s be realistic.

  12. @Bronymous

    Truth be told, I would rather NOT have a CFL team and spend (making up stuff now)a tenth the cost on a much better amateur multipurpose facility. Okay, maybe not a tenth, but you get my drift.

    What I want is to have civic, provincial and federal governments concerned about the welfare of their citizens, not the welfare of their politicians. I believe this new stadium is something the politicians and contractors want, not the people of Saskatchewan. And @ m b…I never once mentioned the Roughriders. Not that I am above slapping the Roughrider organization in the face, but I’m fairly confident they are as surprised as anyone. In fact, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Roughrider organization, what they want or what they think they need. As a professional team, if they want a new facility they are more than welcome to build one…just not on MY dime. I don’t support them in any fashion nor do I intend to. And lets be perfectly clear…the Roughrider organization does NOTHING that will not increase their revenues. The PLAYERS are the ones who give their time and effort in supporting charities and the organization comes along for the ride.

    As for the article, point taken. And I’m CERTAIN that the new neighbourhood will be chock full of affordable homes. But
    what they told us at the beginning was no public money. If they can’t do it without public money, that’s fine, then tell us BEFORE decisions are made so the publlic can say something about it. I’m given to understand that the last time something like this was proposed, there was a plebesite held. The policy boys now are trying to ram this through before the next civic election, which leads me to believe they feel it wouldn’t pass such a test. Isnt’ that reason enough to question their actions?

  13. Riandras: That’s at best disingenuous. There was never a promise that ZERO public money would go into a stadium project. That’s literally impossible in Canada; the only teams/team owners that can foot that kind of bill are in the NFL where the economics of sport are wildly, wildly different. Even the provincial plan that preceded this one expected to rely heavily on public money. It’s the only way such facilities get built here.

    Not to take sides, either, but professional sport in Canada (while a shadow of the economic engine in the US) does provide larger benefits to communities, fans, and charities. Just because the Riders aren’t something you personally support doesn’t mean they are an entirely detrimental thing to our community.

    Everyone seems to fall to one side or the other on this but there’s a substantial grey area here too. All sides need to accept that something very, very expensive is going to happen one way or the other and we need to figure out how we can do it in the least costly (in all senses of the word) manner. Inflamed rhetoric on either side doesn’t help the matter — and yes, politicians at every level have been as guilty of that as those on twitter and the p-d comments section.

  14. Fougere may have no platform, but in the media scrum Wednesday we learned his mantra: “elected to govern”.

  15. #16) Well said Pat! You explained it well.

    #15) Riandras – That’s fine if you aren’t a Roughrider fan. Not everyone is. Just don’t downplay nor disrespect what they do for the Regina community and the province. They’ve been around for 100+ years and are part of Saskatchewan’s culture. They do generate a lot of revenue and taxes with their merchandise/games. They are a community owned team. Not a privately owned CFL team.

    As for not wanting any of your Tax $ going to this stadium….good luck with that. Life doesn’t work that way. All our tax $ go into general revenues of various levels of gov’t and get distributed accordingly. It’s very difficult to keep track of one’s own taxes when it all goes into 3 different money pools.

    Name me one major sports stadium (upcoming or existing) in Canada that has not had any taxpayer money. The answer is simple. 0!

  16. Democracy is dead in Regina! In one ya! The Debt of Regina has more then doubled without the consent of the people…Yes the people take the tax load as the Riders laugh all the way to the bank.

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