In case anyone cares:

After meeting with members of the NHL Players’ Association at the NHL’s headquarters in New York and receiving a counter offer from the NHLPA, the NHL is now meeting internally to review the offer.¬†Earlier in the day, the NHLPA presented the counter offer to the NHL, after spending the weekend reading through the league’s 288-page proposal.

Story here. Oh, and here’s this interesting thing from Puck Daddy’s Ryan Lambert:

When the NHL gets back on the ice, it will do so because Fehr was right about everything. He knew the league wouldn’t be so dumb as to play fewer than 48 games this season. He knew that waiting was indeed the best strategy. He knew Bettman and Daly’s pronouncements were nothing but hot air. He knew a better offer was always coming, even when things looked blackest.¬†Everyone’s saying the NHL will start up on Jan. 19. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the next day is scheduled to be the league’s first game on NBC. That stuff from the lockout’s early days about how the owners had a date in mind? Fehr was right about all of it, and because of his certainty, he made the NHL look very, very bad. We can argue about the cost of doing so later.