Last Sunday I did a post on the remarkable run second-year QB Tim Tebow has enjoyed with the Denver Broncos since he assumed the starter’s role in week six. Today, Tebow and the Broncos hosted Tom Brady (pictured) and the 10-3 New England Patriots.

In leading the Broncos to seven wins in eight games I observed last week, Tebow seemed poised to refute a lot of nay-sayers who doubted his football skills and criticized him for too aggressively promoting his Christian views for political purposes.

Most of Tebow’s wins have come against so-so teams. But he has shown a remarkable capacity for performing in the clutch, rallying his team in the fourth quarter and winning games late or in OT. But overall, his skill set is not where it needs to be to be an elite NFL QB. Yet with his uncanny ability to win, it seemed that Tebow was touched by divine inspiration.

I don’t know if this game was billed anywhere as Tom Brady vs. God. But for me, it had a bit of that aura. Would Tebow again overcome formidable odds and lead his team to victory?

I was at my dad’s visiting and caught the first half there. Traditionally slow-bordering-on-glacial starters, the Broncos scored on their first three possessions. Statistically, New England’s defence is ranked last in the 32-team league. And in the first quarter the Broncos ran the ball at will, racking up over 200 yards, and totally manhandling the New England front seven. And when he had to, Tebow threw the ball accurately and with authority.

This was the first time I’d seen Tebow play, so I’ll take CBS commentator Phil Sims at his word when he observed that Tebow’s mechanics as a passer are improving. Sims also said that Tebow could get away with running a lot because he was big and elusive enough to take the punishment. I don’t know if I agree with that. Even when the Broncos were moving the ball well Tebow still took some hard shots. And what happens if the Broncos make the playoffs and they go up against a real physical defence like the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers?

New England scored on its first possession too. But then sputtered, and at one point early in the second quarter trailed 16-7. But then disaster, in the form of three successive possessions that ended in turnovers (including a Tebow fumble on an option), struck the Broncos, and within a span of maybe eight minutes the Patriots scored 17 points and led at half-time 27-16.

The final score ended up being 41-23. For more, here’s a link to the TSN report.