I’d heard rumours a couple of weeks ago that after a piss-poor 2011-12 season, which included limited success on the cash bonspiel circuit, and a mediocre Scotties where they finished out of the playoffs with a 6-5 record, that the Amber Holland rink would be disbanding. Now, that’s apparently come to pass.

In curling circles, cut-throat personnel decisions aren’t always accepted well by fans. A few years ago, you might recall, four-time Canadian Champion Jennifer Jones got raked over the coals when she jettisoned long-time third Cathy Overton-Clapham and replaced her with the younger, more dynamic Kaitlyn Lawes. Now, Holland (pictured) has gone her two better, blowing up her whole team. At 37, Holland is in her prime as a curler, and she evidently felt that if she’s going to challenge for the Canadian title again she needed across the board improvement at lead, second and third.

Speaking of Jones, I’ve also heard some scuttlebutt about her. Apparently, she recently obtained a divorce from her husband of nine years Scott Labonte, and is rumoured to be moving from Manitoba to Ontario to pursue a relationship with high-profile male curler there. I also heard that Kaitlyn Lawes is supposed to be moving to Regina. If those rumours are true, it would appear to spell the end of the Jones juggernaut as the perennial Manitoba champ.