Tatiana Maslany Wins Critics Choice Award

I blogged last month about Regina-born actress Tatiana Maslany being in the running for a BBC America Critics Choice Award for her work in the SF series Orphan Black. She had some pretty stiff competition in the Best Actress In A Drama category. But it turned out that she ended up winning. So once again, congrats to her:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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5 thoughts on “Tatiana Maslany Wins Critics Choice Award”

  1. Congratulations Tatiana! This is really an astonishing achievement, she is working at the very highest levels in her field.

    Tatiana might not have been able to achieve this if she hadn’t the opportunities to learn her craft on Saskatchewan productions like Renegadepress.com and Redemption SK, made possible in part by having a competitive film tax credit.

    What a 24 hours it’s been for film talent from Saskatchewan with Tatiana and Wolf Cop’s big wins.

    Such a pity we have a government that has done everything in its power to make sure these talented, hardworking people leave the province.

  2. Good for her! Nothing against the high-calibre company of nominees in which she finds herself, but I think that this was a vote for a fresh face and a vrtuoso performance. Topping this will be tough, but matching it? Having the award on the resume [please imagine an acute accent] will only help.

    She would have had to leave the province eventually, TCL, because the work is international.

  3. I’m aware Tatiana had left the province long before the tax credit was cut, but my point is that if there hadn’t been a tax credit in the first place, Tatiania wouldn’t have had the opportunities to learn her craft in Saskatchewan. The credits and credibility she earned here made her transition to the large centres so much easier.

    In a similar fashion, the team behind Wolf Cop gained their first professional opportunities in Saskatchewan because there was a film tax credit. This gave them the experience to develop a project that won a national competition and garnered them a million dollar budget and a theatrical release for their next film. In all likelihood, they will have to shoot this project outside of Saskatchewan because it makes no economic sense for them to shoot it here, as much as they would love to shoot it in their home province.

    If this government sticks to its stubborn and bone headed decision not to have a competitive environment for film and television production, how much promising young talent will go undeveloped in Saskatchewan because they never had the opportunities that Tatiania had?

  4. Good points, but you misspelled her name twice.

    If young talent wants to develop, it’ll do what it has done for decades: go to where it can develop.

  5. Such good points TCL! I know many talented people who have left Saskatchewan because the government has dismantled the film industry (and are generally just not very arts friendly). I also wonder how many talented people won’t get to develop their practices in SK. Or how many people won’t find their way at all because they won’t have been exposed to opportunities at a young age.

    Yay Tatiana and Lowell! Boo Sask Party!

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