Talkin’ About a New Generation(al Vision for Regina)

Mayor Pat Fiacco (pictured) held a news conference this morning to provide further insight into plans he’s in the process of developing to put together a consortium of public and private interests to possibly facilitate the redevelopment of 33 acres of CP property between downtown Regina and the Warehouse District.

Aside from retail, commercial and residential development, this site, says a City news release, would feature “a new entertainment facility that would be the home for arts, culture, entertainment, trade as well as amateur and professional sport.”

I’m not sure if the ranking that’s been assigned to the various possible user groups in the  above sentence reflects their actual importance in the redevelopment proposal, or if it’s a simple matter of alphabetical convenience ie arts, culture, entertainment …  although it it’s the latter, than “sport” (both amateur and professional) should rightly proceed “trade”. More likely, it’s just an effort by the mayor to dilute the perception in certain circles that this whole push to build a $431 million retractable roofed  stadium isn’t just another sweetheart accommodation for the Saskatchewan Roughriders (and to put pressure on the federal government to pony up some cash for the project after it indicated its disinterest in funding professional sports facilities).

Regardless, if some way could be found to incorporate some cultural amentities into the stadium complex it would help ensure some usage on the 355 or so days of the year when the Riders aren’t playing a home game at the “multi-purpose facility”.

The second part of the announcement concerns redevelopment of a 20 acre parcel of land on the current site of Mosaic Stadium/Taylor Field. Again, a mix of residential, commerical and retail uses is envisioned.

Here’s a link to a City of Regina news release that includes a short video outlining the mayor’s ideas.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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12 thoughts on “Talkin’ About a New Generation(al Vision for Regina)”

  1. I just really want to be able to access the Warehouse district from Downtown and vice versa without having to walk to Albert or Broad. I hope this will be possible under this new revitalization.

  2. I say whenever you mention Fiacco, post this picture. (Or one of an El Camino.) Visuals! I need them!

  3. Hey Greg,
    How far along on the “visioning” are they with this project? Did they identify any of these partners they’re working with?

  4. That photo makes me want to crank up some Whitesnake in an ’84 Camaro.
    “Here I go again, on my o-o-own…..”

  5. It’s not just the mullet, but the “dude-stache” as well. Mayor Pat: you can’t grow a proper moustache, so quit trying – you are embarrassing us all. On the other hand, maybe that is the face of this city. Who knows?

  6. One interesting thing I notice in the video is that the railway itself is not removed. Or is it replaced by a new East-West corridor?

  7. Paul, thanks for actually dealing with this issue seriously. C’mon everyone, we should know better than to divert and trivialize an issue by making fun of appearance.

    Back to the issue: This will not be anything benefitting the people of the core or the artists that I know. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that no arts group other than the Big Well-Funded Ones could possibly afford to be near, let alone, in this complex. It may be a showpiece for Regina, but it does not address the core’s issues or the city’s needs in any way other than through the unpredictable and unreliable trickle-down effect.

  8. Re #5: Danny was at the press conference and is doing up a news brief for the April 21 issue. I don’t believe there’s been any partners identified though.

    Re: #8. I don’t think there’s any plan to reroute the rail line. Trains will still move through the area, but won’t stop until they get to the Global Transport Hub by the airport. I imagine there’ll be controlled rail crossings, and a la #3’s wish, there will be an ability to move back and forth between downtown and the Warehouse district without having to rely on Albert & Broad St. underpasses.

    Re: #10 you may be right. If there was a mid-size performance space that theatre and dance companies could use, artist live/work spaces, gallery space, a rep theatre, stuff like that, it would be a plus for the arts.

  9. There are a LOT of new buildings in the picture. Who is building those? Could the non-stadium-sized arts and culture stuff (read: anything that isn’t a Bon Jovi concert) find homes there? Also (and I hate to press this button), is there some sort of parking? Like above-ground / under-ground kind of thing?
    There are a lot of pretty blue blobs and pictures but there is a lack of details.

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