My introduction to Superman came via the old black-and-white TV show starring George Reeves. For those of a slightly more tender vintage, I imagine Christopher Reeve is their go-to as the Man of Steel.

I mention this now because on Tuesday April 26 the last of the four movies that Reeve did as Superman is going to get the BBQ treatment from local comic Jayden Pfeifer.

I don’t know where Superman IV: The Quest For Peace ranks in the Superman canon, but it opens, you might recall, with a scene where Superman rescues some cosmonauts in space. Then Lenny Luther (Jon Cryer) breaks his notorious uncle Lex (Gene Hackman) out of jail and Superman’s got to deal with them, while also taking it upon himself to rid Earth of nuclear weapons by hurling them into the Sun.

The screening goes at the RPL Theatre on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Admission is free with a donation to the food bank. And to get you primed here’s the trailer