If you’ve got nothing on your plate tonight, consider dropping by the RPL Theatre for the first instalment of Talkies 2016. Host Jayden Pfeifer has definitely picked a winner, as the movie being screened is the 2000 Sci-Fi crapfest Battlefield Earth.

Based on a novel by L. Ron Hubbard, who is best known out of literary circles for being the found of Scientology, the movie was the pet project of one of the movement’s most famous adherents John Travolta.

Battlefield Earth is set in the year 3000, where humanity has been enslaved for centuries by a bunch of evil aliens called Psychlos. It was a critical and box office disaster, and went on to receive a then-record nine Golden Raspberries as the worst movie of 2000.

The screening goes tonight at the RPL at 7 p.m. Admission is free with a donation to the Regina Food Bank. And to close, here’s the Battlefield Earth trailer: