Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!

nominate-me-200Hello, fellow food fans! Best of Food’s first-ever nomination round is open and Prairie Dog needs you¬†to vote for your favourite Regina restaurants, menu items, places to drink and food industry people. Between three and five of the top vote-getters in every category will go on to the final round, so if you like a place, support it!

Cast your nomination votes here!

Any questions? Yes, you in the plastic “Spider-Man” bib:

I don’t understand any of this. What’s this nomination round?

Sigh. Okay, you know how the NHL has a regular season and the playoffs? This is the regular season. The top vote getters will go on to the Best Of Food  playoffs.

Okay, I sort of get that. How do we do this again?

Click here and all will be explained. It’s fun and easy! Continue reading “Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!”