Storm Watch: Prairie Dog HQ

Here’s the view out our window as of 4:o5 p.m., complete with streaks of crap on the glass and reflections of our office lights. I don’t have to tell any Regina readers that it’s rumbling right now but there’s no rain here yet. We’ve heard a report that a tornado’s been spotted in Rollo Rouleau, however.

Scary Weather Warning

From the Weather Network:

“‘Oklahoma-style’ t-storms for Saskatchewan today,” The Weather Network’s chief meteorologist Chris Scott tweeted Monday morning. “Likely will be the most violent storms in N. America, possibly the world.” The combination of a very unstable moist airmass, daytime heating and a low pressure system moving in from Alberta are creating favourable conditions for severe thunderstorms. “The type of storms and storm structure we are expecting will resemble those found in tornado alley/Oklahoma during their active weather season,” explains Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese. “There is a lot of CAPE – the energy needed for storms –  the right balance of sheer – which causes rotation – and a strong trigger for a storm. The set-up we’re seeing today is about as good (or as bad) as it gets for severe weather in July in the Canadian Prairies.”

More here. Everything will probably be fine but you can’t take chances when the weather nerds are tossing around phrases like “”Likely will be the most violent storms in N. America, possibly the world.” Stay safe, everyone.