Yes It Is! No It Isn’t!

Good morning afternoon Regina! Sunrise was 8:42, sunset is 5:40 and we’re looking at -9 today going down to -14 tonight. It’s -10 with a -16 windchill right now. More here. Seventy years ago today, famous gangster Al Capone died after being weakened by a stroke, pneumonia and a heart attack. Ol’ Scarface was messed up from syphilis, too. Capone was 48 but now he’s just dead, dead, dead. You, on the other hand, are alive. Hooray!

1. ANOTHER HOT ONE The numbers are in and 2016 was, unsurprisingly, the hottest year on record. This is the third year in a row we’ve set a planetary temperature record. This is not normal. Too bad everyone who’s trying to raise the alarm and save civilization has to waste energy fighting Trump on everything now, I guess.

2. FOXES AND HENHOUSES The Saskatchewan government has the wrong ministry inspecting pipelines.

3. SUICIDE PREVENTION PLAN An anonymous donor steps up as Canada keeps shitting the bed on the Indigenous suicide crisis.

4. MEN WHO HATE WOMEN Only scumbags post nude photos of ex-girlfriends online without their permission.

5. HATRED IS A CONSERVATIVE VALUE Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is getting hammered by threats and abuse online. Awful.

6. TRUDEAUPALOOZA 2017 The prime minister will be in Saskatoon today for a town hall.

And now, here’s a Trump round-up. Yeah, there’s so much crap I have to do a Trump round-up. Thanks America. And check out the Guardian cartoon by Martin Rowson.

T1. THAT STUPID WALL Trump’s gonna build it! It’s not gonna work! And Mexico’s not gonna pay for it!

T2. JUST GIVE FRANCE THE STATUE BACK Trump restricts immigration and refugees.

T3. TRUMP GOES AFTER MAKE-BELIEVE VOTER FRAUD There must be voter fraud. How else to explain most Americans voting for Hillary Clinton?

T4. MAKE TORTURE GREAT AGAIN Trumps lays groundwork that could bring it back, yippee.

T5. MAYBE TRUMP CAN HAVE JOURNALISTS TORTURED Six journalists covering Trump protests have been charged with rioting.

T6. KEYSTONE XL IS BACK Trump uses his magic president powers to resurrect the controversial pipeline.


T8. IN A CLUTCH, CALL THE DUTCH That Netherlands steps up to save women from Trump’s cuts to women’s health funding.

T9. IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY ITMFA T-shirts, buttons and hats are now available! Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and other organizations in the Trump resistance.

HOW TO WIN AN ARGUMENT ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE WRONG Do you reject the scientific consensus on climate change but you’re not sure how to argue with people who know more than you? Relax, and let Monty Python show you how a series of contradictions can derail discussion and make people stop saying things you don’t like! Perfect for oil stooge politicians, dipshit rednecks and talk radio jerks.


Election 2015: Trudeau’s In The Market For Some Votes

Justin Trudeau, leader of the third-place Liberal Party, was at the Regina Farmers’ Market today, pressing palms and kissing babies (literally).

Unlike certain other party leaders <cough>StephenHarper</cough> Trudeau walked among a crowd of completely un-vetted market-goers some of whom were not even Liberal party loyalists. He then stopped in the shade of one of the plaza’s massive red light standards and, after a prepared speech which took shots at both reigning prime minister Harper and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, Trudeau took questions from the media (who were sweltering in 30° heat).

Above is a recording of the event. Press questions start at the 12:48 mark.  He’s asked about Bill C-51 and whether he misread the public in supporting it (14:32); what he’ll do to address poverty in aboriginal communities (16:09); Nigel Wright’s testimony in the Duffy trial (18:49); what his party will do for agriculture (20:02); how the economic downturn has affected his platform (22:17); his feelings about First Nations’ education in Canada (24;48); and, if there is anything his party can do to soften the economic blow from the devaluation of the Chinese currency (26:17).

Below the fold, more pics from Trudeau’s visit.

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