REVIEW: Tomorrowland Goes for Earnestness, Succeeds

They are really into corn in Tomorrowland.
They are really into wheat in Tomorrowland.

A surefire way to tell if a movie is any good is by keeping track of the physical reactions it triggers. The conclusion of Tomorrowland had me desperately trying to control my sobbing as I was surrounded by critics (they are judgy people, it’s in the job description).

Next to those dystopian scenarios that are all the rage today (Mad Max: Fury Road, young-adult franchises using teens as canon fodder), Tomorrowland is an anomaly. Here is a movie that stands for science and optimism. It doesn’t even question matters like evolution, social inequality or climate change (they’re a given). It targets those who know about mankind’s most pressing problems and don’t do anything about it.

It also works just fine as a sci-fi adventure for kids, in case you’re wondering. Continue reading “REVIEW: Tomorrowland Goes for Earnestness, Succeeds”