Guest Post: Goodbye, Comedy Grind

A few weeks back I got an e-mail from Devin Pacholik, a journalist and comedian who wanted to write something for Prairie Dog on the end of the Comedy Grind, a weekly stand-up show at Gabbo’s. “How about for Dog Blog?” I said. “Sure!” Devin said. Here’s his piece. The final Grind is this weekend. Check it out!

Comedy (comedy grind-shawn koch)

Role play: Kids in school said you were funny; Karen at work laughs at your jokes; you once MC’d a wedding, and someone’s drunk uncle told you, “You’re going to be famous.”

You decided right then, as his whiskey breath tickled your ego during an intimate hug, you want to be a comedian.

Now you believe HBO will barf money at you if you could just get some stage time in a real comedy club

Comedian and actor Shawn Koch wanted to give degenerate egomaniacs in Regina that opportunity. In February, 2010, Koch introduced comedians in Regina to a new weekly show: the Comedy Grind at Gabbo’s Night Club.

The last Comedy Grind ever at Gabbo’s Night Club is on Saturday; the final show will leave a tragic comedy story as its legacy. Continue reading “Guest Post: Goodbye, Comedy Grind”