Ultrasonic Alarm Call: Parker Lewis Can’t Jump

In this episode of Regina’s most random podcast, we look at the new season of Doctor Who. Also, we talk a bit about the city’s purchase of land to the south east of the city and what it means for the housing crisis, if anything. Also, we have a new segment, Shane’s Secret Regina Spaces. In the inaugural installment, he tells us about the recent upgrades to the Rainbow Cinemas in the Golden Mile Mall and what it means for cheap movie viewing in the city (hint: It’s very, very good news).

Last, Steve gives us an update about what’s going in the next issue of prairie dog. Only, because I suck! this episode is going out a week late and so he’s actually giving us an update about what’s going into the last issue of prairie dog.

I need more time in the day! Then I could edit podcasts in a more timely fashion!

Ultrasonic Alarm Call – Parker Lewis Can’t Jump: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka, Stephen Whitworth and me. Music by the very awesome Lazy MKs. Runtime 32 minutes, 20 seconds. Our shortest ever!

Pick of the Day: Talkin’ Fresh 10

Hosted by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, this literary conference takes place every year around this time. The theme this year is Projecting the Novel: Books & Film. Featured are several writers, including Gail Bowen, Nino Ricci, Alison Pick (pictured) and Karen Walton, who have either had books adapted for film and TV or who work in the industry.

The conference goes at the MacKenzie Art Gallery today and tomorrow. Admission is free, and no registration is required. For an itinerary of readings and presentations that are being held, here’s a link to the SWG site.