REVIEW: Not Another Drone Movie

Sean Bean and Joel David Moore dressed to kill in Drone.

Drone warfare films are a dicey proposition. They can be a snooze like Ethan Hawke’s Good Kill or riveting like Helen Mirren’s Eye in the Sky. The difference lies in the stakes: While Good Kill is a standard PTSD drama that practically forgoes the targets, Eye in the Sky forces the audience to empathize with civilian bystanders.

In the bluntly titled Drone, the unmanned aircraft is more of an excuse for a hostage thriller. The frequently deceased Sean Bean is Neil Wistin, a drone pilot with plenty of issues unrelated to dropping targeted bombs: His dad just died and he is unable to write his eulogy, his wife is getting some action on the side, and his son barely communicates (the teen rather play war videogames than hanging out with dad, a dig to war culture as subtle as a sledgehammer). Continue reading “REVIEW: Not Another Drone Movie”