They make great Christmas presents! And they’re only $25 each or two for $40. What a deal! The design is a surrealistic portrait of a peculiar lobe of the Saskatchewan psyche by News Quirks illustrator Myron Campbell and was masterfully printed by FloPrint on American Apparel shirts (100% cotton and 50/50).

Our office (#201 1836 Scarth St., green building on the mall, buzz to get in) is open until five o’clockish today. I’ll also be around at some point tomorrow too, though my schedule is a mystery even to me.

Wednesday A.M. Threesome: Polls, Prizes & Shirts

Attention please!

1.) If you missed it, there’s a new poll on our site. The question is “What should be done with Canada’s pension plan.” Yeah I know, real original. Well they can’t all be airport gropes. Besides the Canada Pension Plan is very important and I’ll bet money most Canadians would choose to have their deductions go up slightly to keep them out of poverty as seniors. So go vote! Or better yet, go vote and then contact your MLA and share your concerns.

2.) We have a contest running on the blog for a mystery prize (it’s a mystery to me, too!) In a nutshell, we got a letter from someone suggesting that, since one of our articles didn’t blatantly give free promotion to local shops, ‘well then maybe local Regina businesses shouldn’t advertise in prairie dog, so there!’ Here’s the direct link. You should enter to win whatever this prize will be. I’ll get something that’s not too stupid, probably from a local store that advertises because that’s funny.

3.) Hey if you want to give someone a prairie dog T-shirt for Christmas you’re running out of time! Our tees — designed by News Quirks illustrator Myron Campbell and beautifully printed on premium shirts by FloPrint’s rock and roll silkscreen commandos — may be purchased in our office today and Thursday (1-5 p.m.) and after that we’re closed up! (Well, I’ll be lurking but I won’t be answering the buzzer.) We’ve still got lots of tees left! (And of course, shirts are also available at the good ol’  Novia Cafe.)

Just look! So! Many! Pretty! Colours!

Win Stuff, Good Stuff

I’m told there are some amazing contests happening at our Hot Dog Deals Facebook site — like for instance, a draw to win more than $700 worth of Paderno cookwear. As usual, I suppose I won’t be allowed to win. Nuts. But it’s probably worth your time to investigate. Because if someone’s going to win free daily prizes and an amazing grand prize it should be Dog Blog’s dedicated readers and commentators. Because you guys are great. Except for Seanbot3000. (KIDDING!)

Speaking Of Great T-Shirts

Prairie dog’s are still available (in fact we have lots!). These numbered, limited edition (100 printed) shirts were designed by News Quirks and frequent cover illustrator Myron Campbell and depict a surreal scene of dystopic rural life. (i.e. COOL DRAWRINGZ.) And they were printed locally on premium shirts by our pals at FloPrint. And they are BY FAR the best T-shirt by a media outlet in Canada. There, I said it. Suck it, other media outlet T-shirts!

The price? A mere $25, or two shirts for $40. They’re available in five colours, including GREEN. Which means it’s legal to wear one  this Sunday.

You’re cool. You’re hip to the jive. You should own one. Drop by our office (#201-1836 Scarth, on the mall) weekdays anytime between 1-5, or head to the Novia Cafe anytime during business hours to get yours.

Thank you!

Photo by Darrol Hofmeister, sharpshooter photography

Shilling For Suzuki: The Sequel

A while back I mentioned the David Suzuki Foundation is hawking deadly T-shirts and other stuff in its gift shoppe. Christmas is coming up, but if you’re not the type to give gifts there’s always selfishness. In fact I ordered myself a shirt the day I wrote that post and today it arrived and it is great.

This holiday season, save the environment and shop Suzuki!

We Haz T-Shirts!

Meet Brad AKA “the Bradvertiser”, prairie dog’s friendly neighbourhood advertising consultant. Brad’s the guy local businesses get in touch with when they want to promote themselves in Regina’s coolest, smartest, nicest and funniest free publication.

As you can see, the dude is super happy. Why? Why is Brad so glad?

Brad’s feeling pretty damn good today because he’s wearing a brand-new, hot off the plates, limited-edition prairie dog T-shirt with fantastic art by PD superstar illustrator Myron Campbell!

Here’s the great part: you could own one of these shirts! And then you’d be as rad as Brad!

The art is a companion piece to designs Myron did for our Back To School issue, and it looks fantastic. The drawing of a million-eyed, sickle-wielding farm-freak riding a mutant cow and eyeballing a sheep really sums up the whole rural Saskatchewan vibe for us.

The shirts come in five colours: orange, cream, grass green, orchid and gold. Shirts are cotton American Apparel (the orchid and gold shirts are 50-50 cotton-poly) and available in various sizes. Each comes with a fancy limited edition tag making the shirts a collector’s item. They were printed by our friends at FloPrint, who do great work. If you have a T-shirt for a Regina band, odds are these guys did it.

So what do these wearable art objects cost? $50? $100? No! They’re a bargain $25 per shirt. Or two for $40.

How do you get yours? Shirts can be purchased at our office (#201-1836 Scarth St., on the mall) weekdays between 1-5 p.m. (buzz the buzzer for access). We only have a hundred of these things, and there’s a very real danger our staff will buy them all, so act fast to get the colour and size you want.

Just look at them. So pretty!

I Have A Question For You About Awesome Prairie Dog T-Shirts

Here’s the mock-up from FloPrint, our dance partners in this fantastic endeavour. My question: there are at least 80 of you guys who’d buy these killer, limited-edition shirts, right? They’ll be available in five colours, including green (because I pander!) and the estimated cost is $20.