Imagine What Sprawl Could Be Like…

Wascana Village AdvertisementI heard rumours that somebody’s already advertising for Wascana Village, the suburb that the RM of Sherwood hopes to sprout on Regina’s border like a carbuncle. And here’s that ad. Looks to be about a quarter page, full-colour job that ran in last Friday’s Leader Post. I don’t know if this was paid for by the RM or the developer, Great Prairie Ltd, but here’s the copy:

Wascana Village: A new healthy, live/work community

Imagine what life could be like…

Stunning homes designed and built to high architectural and building standards, with choices for everyone from families to seniors to those just starting out. Lakes and parks. Schools. Bike paths weaving through the village. And a toboggan hill for winter fun. All of this with groceries, shops and services close at hand.

Find out more about our vision for vibrant living in a self-sustaining community in the RM of Sherwood.

I love how the toboggan hill — which I’m assuming will be formed from the dirt dug up for the man-made lake — is the big selling feature. “You will get to trudge up a hill in the snow because we can’t think of anything else you’ll want to do here in winter,” the ad seems to be saying.

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