Happy Father’s Day, Here’s Some Sex

Here’s a clip from the excellent Paul Newman prison film Cool Hand Luke, suitable for lascivious heterosexual dads everywhere. The stunning, frankly jaw-dropping actor whose clothes are barely held together by a safety pin is Joy Harmon and this bit-part role is her most famous. (Her biggest role was in a lame 1965 beach movie called Village Of The Giants. She starred.)

Frankly I doubt she’d be considered beautiful by Hollywood standards nowadays, which is another reason why Hollywood is crazy.

Anyway. Joy Harmon. Happy Father’s Day, dads everywhere!

(There’s an interview on the filming of this scene here, if you’re interested.)

Pick of the Day: Sex

Not literally, of course. At least, at the time this post was published, there were no romantic interludes looming on my personal horizon. As the day wears on, that may change. But for now, I’m just going to concentrate on a touring exhibition that’s currently on at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. It was organized by the Montreal Science Centre, and this is it’s first display outside La Belle Province.

The show is subtitled: A Tell-All Exhibition. I’ve yet to see it, so I’m not sure how explicit the various exhibits are. But it is recommended that children under the age of 12 not attend. 

Like Our Body: The Universe Within last summer, Sex has a separate admission charge.  It runs at the Science Centre until Sept. 5.

Pick of the Day: Sex & Religion

I titled this post after the tags I chose to represent the events I’m highlighting today.

“Sex” for Taboo: Naughty … But Nice Show at Conexus Arts Centre is entirely apropos. The trade show, after all, is showcasing all sorts of products and services designed to help people enrich their sex lives. There’s even an adult film star in attendance signing autographs and posing for photos. (Monique Alexander, pictured at left.)

“Religion” as a tag to describe the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo  that is also on today at Conexus is a little more problematic. But as far as tags go, the administrator of this esteemed blog is a bit of a tyrant. Recently, he issued a five page memo on the subject of approved Dog Blog tags.

When people posted before, they too often pulled a tag out of their butt so to speak to index the post for readers. But to make a blog search feasible you can’t have hundreds of different tags as then it’s virtually impossible to track anything down. Hence, the memo limiting us to a select number of tags.

Natural tags for the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo would be “New Age” or “Spirituality”. But neither is on the list, so I went with “Religion”.

Ordinarily, that would make for a pretty volatile combination. Religion, at least of the hardcore variety if you’ll pardon the pun, not exactly being that open to expressions of sexuality outside the norm (ie. hetero/missionary position/no birth control). But with its broader focus on personal growth and enlightenment, Body, Soul & Spirit Expo is entirely compatible with Taboo

Both trade shows begin three day runs at Conexus today. For more info see www.taboosexshow.com and www.bodysoulspirit.com

As far as music goes, accordian provocateur Geoff Berner is at the Club tonight. Here’s video of him performing the Official Theme Song of the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Olympic Games. At O’Hanlon’s Pub, the Calgary indie rock band Deadhorse is playing.

That List Of Taboo Sexual Words

Yesterday, I mentioned a Leader-Post story, that detailed a study where they found that taboo sexual words could make one believe that time had passed more quickly.

Curious as to what taboo words the author of the study might have used? They weren’t included in the study as published; I imagine journals don’t really want something like that for a sidebar. Maybe they were just worried about the academics who might loose their time, going over this list without knowing just how long they’ve been doing it for.

Well, the author got back to me with the list of the taboo sexual words this morning, so read on only if you’ve you’re unfazed by loosing untold amounts of time to words like “randy”. Continue reading “That List Of Taboo Sexual Words”

Fuck This Noise

Going through the Leader-Post‘s website this morning, it was inevitable that this story would catch my eye. What can I say? I’m a young man, and a lead like this just pops off the screen: “Canadians thinking of talking dirty during sex might want to reconsider, given a new study’s discovery that prurient language causes people to underestimate how long something lasts.”

The piece describes two studies, one where participants’ perceived the passage of time to be quicker when they were shown “taboo sexual words”, the other finding that doing a mentally tasking activity will have the same effect.

What I don’t get is what we’re supposed to want from sex according to this piece. Should sex seem to stretch on for an eternity? (Ignore that the article is making a bit of a leap to make the connection to sex, especially since the abstract for the first study deals explicitly in reading taboo words.)

I can’t find the exact clip I’m looking for, but it reminds me of something Karl Pilkington, the noted Internet idiot seen in the video above, has mentioned before, about how if he knew it was his last day on Earth, he’d just sit there. Then, time would seem to go on forever out of the sheer boredom of the situation.

Sure, no one likes the hypothetical quick-finisher. But surely, we should be going for quality over quantity here. And if that means a little dirty talk, why not?

Sci-Fi Author Ray Bradbury Turns 90 Today

And to mark the occasion, here’s a rude, funny video by New York comedian Rachel Bloom about how wicked-sexy Ray Bradbury is.

And now a disclaimer, because I don’t want our readers to freak out when we post something smutty on our website, like, you know, everyone else does on this Internet thing:

1.) This video is filled with vulgarity, swears and sexual subject matter.

2.) And copious cleavage (but no actual nudity, but the cleavage is faaantastic).

3.) This humour might not appeal to all tastes (but I think it’s hilarious).

4.) This video is obviously NSFW (Not Safe For Work: learn this acronym!)

5.) If you’re a kid, you shouldn’t be watching this kind of stuff unless your parents say it’s okay (which, if they’re cool, they will). Go kick a ball around, or better yet, go to the library and check out some of Bradbury’s books.

Right! Here we go!

Wired magazine has the story on the video here. (See? Wired posts naughty videos. That means prairie dog can too. Nyah.)

Happy birthday, Mr. Bradbury!

Making Sex Ed More Fun!

A video game about battling STDs and burst condoms. And it’s called Privates (tee hee). The trailer below is safe for work unless you work somewhere especially uptight.

Privates is from Zombie Cow Studios, authors of the very well regarded adventure games, Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please. You can also read more about Privates at the Guardian‘s website.

Pick of the Day: Taboo

There’s a fair bit of quality music happening tonight. At the Club, local favourite Dave Lang and Linda McRae (ex of Spirit of the West) are playing. The show starts at 8:30 p.m., and it’s $10. Next door at the Exchange, a band called Rusted Dawn is playing.  Then at O’Hanlon’s, Arctic are playing with Architects & Builders and Monk in the Monarch.

Theatrewise, Regina Little Theatre is presenting its annual spring cabaret of one-act plays. That runs tonight and Saturday night at the Performing Arts Centre at  7 p.m. $10. For more info call 779-2277.

As far as I know, those are the only events of note going on in Regina tonight. Oh, wait a sec, now that I think about it, there is some other stuff. As part on an extended Earth Day celebration,  the 4th Annual Environmental Film Festival and Awards are being held at the Royal Sask Museum at 7 p.m.  Films being screened include The Story of Stuff/Cap and Trade/Bottled Water. And tonight’s the kick-off of the three-day Flatland Fantasy gaming convention that’s being held at the Regina Senior Citizens Centre on Winnpeg St.

Gee, maybe I should stop by? I wonder if anyone would be up for a rousing game of  Behind Closed Doors. Or maybe we could play Dirty Minds. Man, those are a blast! Kamra Sutra and Tantric Lovers are great fun too. Especially when the person you’re with is like, you know, really hot.

Oh, wait a minute! I’m getting confused here. There is a Flatlands Fantasy event happening April 23-25 at the Seniors Centre. But games that will be played there are more in the vein of D & D, Star Wars Epic Duels, Settlers of Catan and King Arthur’s Noble Quest or whatever.

The board games I’m thinking about, they won’t necessarily be played at, but they almost certainly will be for sale at another event that kicks off a three-day run in Regina tonight. It’s at Conexus Arts Centre. It’s called Taboo: The Naughty But Nice Sex Show.

I actually went last year. I caught the New Dance Horizons’ production Cabane at the Hotel Sask, then headed out to Conexus. Carle had written about Taboo the year before, and I’d joked about going and offering a male take on things.

 I went with a female friend, though, so I was kind of constrained in terms of my ability to engage with all the stuff that was happening — if you know what I mean. Although even had I gone alone, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into it too much. It’s not really my scene.

But a lot of other Reginans sure were stoked to be there. The place was packed, and people weren’t just tire-kicking either. They were buying. Dildoes, dongs, vibrators, lubes, lingerie, leather chaps, whips, scented oils, butt plugs, harnesses that looked like jolly jumpers but weren’t, you name it.

Expect more of the same this weekend. And here’s a little something to get you in the mood. (YouTube) And no, I don’t know if the subtitles are in Japanese or Chinese.