Once We Have That New Stadium, We’ll Be Winners!

Hey! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be watching football? Or, depending upon the hour, watching pre/post-game analysis?

Where’s your Rider Pride? Today is Labour Day Classic Day! Without your drunken cheers, how can our boys in green-and-white ever hope to prevail in their noble battle against the dastardly Winnipeg Blue Bombers? You should be buffing your Rider-wear with jersey polish and cutting a head-sized hole into a watermelon, not watching seditious internet videos like the one below.

What are you? A traitor to Rider Nation?

Of course, if you find that video at all convincing, perhaps you’d like to join a group I’ve started? It’s called the SSSSSOS — The Super Secret Stadium Skeptics Society Of Saskatchewan.

Send me a message via Twitter (@pauldechene). We’ll work out a secret handshake.

Queen City Catch Up: Greg Fingas On The Elections And, Believe It Or Not, We Even Talk Football (Podcast)

For episode six of Queen City Catch Up, I met lawyer, blogger and Leader Post columist, Greg Fingas, at Fresh Café on Hamilton Street. We talked about the state of the NDP in Canada, we made guesses about how the federal and provincial elections are going to turn out and we even spoke briefly about the Riders.

What? No, I haven’t acquired an interest in football. (Euugh.) But footballing things happened while I was away. Right? I figured I should at least ask about them so that this podcast will achieve some degree of comprehensiveness.

Anyway, you can follow Greg Fingas’ political writing on his blog, Accidental Deliberations.

Music for the podcast comes from Malta’s Lost Voices, a compilation of recordings from the early 1930s. You can get your own copy at filflarecords.com.

In the next episode of Queen City Catch Up, I’ll be speaking with ward one city councillor, Barbara Young. It will go up on Wednesday.

A Team That Loses To Back-Up QBs Three Consecutive Weeks Has No Business Being In First Place

Around week six or seven of the CFL season, I took a look at how I thought the Saskatchewan Roughrider season would turn out, and felt that I couldn’t have been more wrong. But after sitting through yesterday’s loss to the B.C. Lions, to a team that was starting its third string quarterback (the third consecutive time the Riders lost to a team starting its back-up quarterback) well … let’s just say Elliot does the Told You So dance better than me.

That is, if I felt like dancing. After Sunday’s game, I didn’t feel like doing anything except having a shower. The game was as dull as any match I’ve seen there, and it brought me back to the 1990s when I would turn my Walkman from the radio to my cassette about halfway through the third quarter and listen to the Tragically Hip play “Emergency” (‘Until it’s no longer fun/until it’s no longer relevant …’), which typified much of the Al Ford era Roughriders. And these Roughriders in their last six games.

What’s the matter?

They lost their most valuable player, for one. Ever since Chris Best was injured, the offensive line has not been able to consistently block for the run, nor can they provide adequate pass protection. Nobody can quarterback when they’re running for his life or flat on his back. Offensive line is a combination of talent and consistency that comes from working together. Without Best, the Riders are  … not at their best.

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