How Many Sleeps Till Spring?

The Vernal Equinox arrives on Sunday at 5:21 p.m. ONE! ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL SPRING That’s the good news. The BAD news is that Sesame Street never made a Jazz Number #1 cartoon. However I did learn that the singer in this series was Grace Slick so that’s pretty cool. You can read more about Jazz Numbers here. And by the way, crazy, trippy shit like this is how you nurture a child’s imagination. Too much stuff written for kids these days is just bad stand-up comedy.


A Small Bit Of Good News On A Bad Weekend

UPDATE! Pretty photograph added!

In Regina, where we don’t adjust our clocks (which I think is charming, by the way), it’s a beautiful, balmy-by-winter standards minus-2 degrees outside. Better yet, tonight the sun sets at 7:00–we’ve broken the supper-hour barrier. And in one week, at 5:21 p.m., the vernal equinox will arrive. Which means SEVEN MORE SLEEPS TILL SPRING!

You may now return to this weekend’s cavalcade of horrors.

Something To Brighten Your Day

Not only is it NOT dark at the moment, but according to the Leader-Post the sun sets at 6:00 tonight!* In my book, anything after 6:00 is not the afternoon, so this means that after months of suffering in horrible soul-crushing darkness, the sun is now setting at night again.

*Environment Canada says 5:59, but screw that. We’re going with 6:00. Eat it, seasonal affective disorder!

Chilly PETAns On The Mall

The organization People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals sent their bikini-clad warriors out to convert meat-masticating Reginans to a vegan (meat and dairy-free) diet. From their press release:

“Wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce leaves and holding signs that read, “Turn Over a New Leaf: Go Vegan,” PETA’s sexy Lettuce Ladies will brave the cold in order to hand out delicious, free soy cocoa to passersby in Regina on Friday. The ladies will also give out copies of PETA’s vegetarian/vegan starter kit to help people offset holiday weight gain and resolve to do better in 2011 for their health, the well-being of the planet, and animals.”

I for one am okay with both animals being less frequently eaten and abused, and bikinis.

For more information, visit PETA here. More photos of PETA’s sexy lettuce ladies after the jump.

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As If In Uffie Thought I Stood

Wow, the Internet — you find sparkly things in serious and sober places. For example: yesterday I clicked over to political writer Andrew Sullivan’s blog The Daily Dish hoping to read more on Tuesday’s big Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ruling in the U.S. and maybe acquire a political thought more complex than my usual “Bleeeaaaarrrrgh.”

For some reason Sullivan had posted a new music video by — techno-rapper?  Bubblecore poet? Fashion discocrat? Another hastily made-up genre? — Uffie, for her song “Difficult”.

The post’s headline was “Mental Health Break” and Sullivan described the video as “Gondry-esque”, so how could I not watch it? So watch I did.

And Lo, it was sexy and shiny and mentally healthful.

And so now I share it with you. Zap!

Incidentally AND coincidentally, yesterday was The Daily Dish’s 10th anniversary. Sullivan has a post on a decade of rogue conservative blogging here.

Pick of the Day: Guided Walking Tour

Historic College Avenue.

That’s the title of this Heritage Regina-sponsored walk and talk by Robin Adeney that’s taking place this aft at 2 p.m.. I’m not sure how much of College Robin plans to cover. Probably the most historic part runs from Albert St. to maybe Halifax. And the tour does start at Darke Hall (pictured) at 2 p.m. So that will probably be the focus.