It’s 6:00 In The Evening. Do You Know Where The Sun Is?

Above the horizon, that’s where. My friends, today, after long, dark months, we at last shatter the 6:00 p.m. sunset barrier. In fact, old Sparky won’t dip below the horizon until 6:01 p.m. By the end of the month, we’ll be at 6:39.

Tomorrow’s sunrise, by the way, is at 8:25 a.m. That’s not early enough, but it won’t be dark when people leave their homes in the morning for long: On Tuesday Feb. 21, we crack 8:00 a.m. with a 7:59 a.m. sunrise. Can. Not. Wait.

Best of all, we’re only six weeks away from the March 20 Vernal Equinox and spring. And Regina’s days will be longer than its nights again.

Can foliage reports be far behind?

Garfunkel And Oats: “Save The Rich”

I’m out of circulation for a couple of days (secret mission!) but with an eviction order hanging over Occupy Regina, I’ll leave you guys with this. It’s an American take on the Occupy movement for sure, but I suspect it might resonate today. And anyway I’m sure a few Dog Blog readers will like it. (Strong language warning.)

Bank Transfer Day

November 5th has been designated Bank Transfer Day in which concerned citizens are supposed to switch from a big corporate bank to a local credit union.  It is considered to be a backlash against bad business practices, i.e. debit card fees. The initiative was organized by Arianna Huffington and other grass roots organizations that have since taken up the cause.

American media outlets are reporting that money in the billions have already been transferred. Credit Unions are reporting lineups.  CBC has crunched the numbers to 4.5 billion dollars in the last month, let alone today.

That’s one heckuva statement.

Canadians and the British are getting in on the action too. Except for me.

I have no money to move. Heck, I had to borrow money just to go out last night. If I had money to move I’d move it to the wine store for a fine bottle of Cote Du Rhone or perhaps some meat pies from The Beer Bros. I’d move it over to see The Rum Diaries. That would show those big city banks.

Today Is “Celebration Of Our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Day”

Ironically, while Brad Trost and his fellow troglors work to strip women of their right to make their own decisions about the contents of their uteruses, there’s a rights and freedoms thingy in Victoria Park. At noon, festivities will commence for Regina’s mayorally-proclaimed Celebration Of Our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Day. Speakers start at noon and the topics look like they range from interesting to super-interesting.

Here’s a link to the event’s Facebook page, and a press release with a list of the speakers is after the jump. I’m going to poke my nose in for a bit. Maybe see you there!


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Fuel For Editors On A Deadline

The paper’s due at the printer by six o’clock. Our drop-dead deadline is 10:00. Last time we sent the paper at about 2:00 a.m. This time’s gonna be different. Why? I’ll show you why:

That’s one black coffee (caffeine), one mocha frapp (sugar and caffeine), one banana (potassium) and one package of surprise Koko Patisserie olive twist-things (delicious starchy goodness). Not pictured: water (hydration) and Dayquil (germ-smashing). After I ingest this cornucopia of potency I will become an unstoppable editing force.

Nothing shall stop me from getting this paper out on time. Or at least, earlier than last time.

Maybe I’ll see you later: I’ll be the bald, fat guy running laps on O’Hanlon’s ceiling.


OMG OMG OMG just heard the news:

“From Captain James T. Kirk to T.J. Hooker to Attorney Denny Crane, these are just a few of the diverse roles Canadian Film and Television icon William Shatner has taken on during his extensive and legendary career. Behind The Icon and Trixstar Productions are proud to present An Evening with William Shatner. Stories spanning more than seven decades, live interactions and yes, songs from his new album Seeking Major Tom, will provide an evening packed with fun and excitement. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this Emmy and Golden Globe winner like you’ve never seen him before…up close and in person.

October 21 at the Conexus Arts Centre, tickets on sale Friday! Hellaciously expensive! Don’t care!

Shatner! SHATNER!!!

The universe doesn’t want me to get anything done today.

The U.S. Congresswoman Who Was Shot In The Head Looks Good!

I coyly linked to this at the end of item number one in this post, but it’s worth making a happy fuss about. Gabrielle Giffords, the Democratic congresswoman who was shot in the head by a disturbed bastard in January, showed up to vote for the U.S. debt ceiling-raising plan. And she looks great!

The plan still sucks and it’s shitty that she had to vote for it but we’ll take the happy moment. She looks very, very alert and lively for someone who got shot in the head by a maniac who was stirred up by toxic Tea Party rhetoric (and probably some bad brain chemicals).

Unrelated trivia: the U.S. debt ceiling was raised 18 times under Republican President Ronald Reagan without political incident, even though the Democrats held Congress and the Senate throughout his presidency. The Tea Party won’t raise it for Barack Obama. They hate him because he’s a black Democrat and they’re a bunch of mentally-ill racist fucknuts. You think they’d put a Republican president through this? Of course not. The Tea Party is a movement of despicable pricks. Excuse the language.

Roger Ebert Explains Why The Republicans Are Doomed

And in doing so, he helps those of us who recognize corrupt, vicious and stupid right-wing freaks when they see ’em feel a little less alone:

There are trigger issues in which the GOP no longer reflects the thinking of mainstream Americans of either party. In Tuesday’s charade as the House put the Tea Party debt legislation to a vote, what we saw was an example of the kind of coalition voting common in Europe, where separate parties arrive at an agreement to govern. There are now essentially three parties in Congress: Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party. Reasonable Republicans with a sense of the possible do not subscribe to the Tea Party’s implacable ideology, but they feel they must deal with it to placate its zealots. They are essentially in a coalition with a third party.

The whole article is here.

Here’s why I like it.

I read about Canadian politics and American politics, and I read about the never-ending  ugliness in both, and I despise it because I want to live in a nice country but we keep electing these right-wing jerks*. Over and over. Behind their tough-talk tax-cutting, science-slandering, union-pummeling, budget slashing, program-axing, arts-maligning, faux-Christian demagoguery, too many politicians are doing less and less for regular people and rationalizing more and more bullshit about how we need to do everything the elite business class wants (see tax cuts, above).

It’s been going on since Reagan, and it’s ridiculous, and I’m sick of it. But I feel like I’m living in an Emperor’s New Clothes reality where there’s no open, widespread public acknowledgement of just how shitty our business class-run politicians often act (just to be clear: I’m talking about the Wall Street gangs and the Enrons and petro-thugs, not your favourite, local small business owner.)

And then, hallelujah! Roger Ebert’s piece calmly and confidently points out just how out-of-touch the U.S. Republicans — the flagship party of our current radical-right-wing era, and a meaner, dumber and more powerfully devolved version of Stephen Harper’s team — are with most regular people.

It’s… hopeful. I liked it.

And more importantly, it’s a good, smart read. Enjoy.

*Yes, I’m still boggled and bitter that the Conservatives, Canada’s own Republicans and the party that stands for homophobia, unregistered gun ownership, arts censorship, daycare program cancelling, prison-building and global -warming denial can pull in 40 per cent of (an admittedly low-turn-out) vote. Their supporters are misguided and naughty.

Happy Father’s Day, Here’s Some Sex

Here’s a clip from the excellent Paul Newman prison film Cool Hand Luke, suitable for lascivious heterosexual dads everywhere. The stunning, frankly jaw-dropping actor whose clothes are barely held together by a safety pin is Joy Harmon and this bit-part role is her most famous. (Her biggest role was in a lame 1965 beach movie called Village Of The Giants. She starred.)

Frankly I doubt she’d be considered beautiful by Hollywood standards nowadays, which is another reason why Hollywood is crazy.

Anyway. Joy Harmon. Happy Father’s Day, dads everywhere!

(There’s an interview on the filming of this scene here, if you’re interested.)

Rosie’s Totally Awesome Six In The Morning … Well, I Lied. It’s Not That Awesome …

HOW SCREWED ARE THE LIBERALS? While Harper continues to plan to pick off the Grits’ last remaining Quebec bastions one by one (Jewish Tribune), the Liberals start another leadership controversy and go forward into the past … (Globe and Mail)

REMEMBER HOW HARPER’S GOVERNMENT PROMISED OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE GOVERNMENT? Me neither. (Winnipeg Free Press) And given that being a ‘team player’ is the most important thing Stephen Harper’s government is looking for in a new auditor-general, how long before Canada’s finances fall into Enron territory? (Ottawa Citizen)

A MESSAGE FOR THE OTTAWA PRESS GALLERY ATTACKING THE INEXPERIENCED AND RESUME-EMBELLISHING NDP MPS FROM QUEBEC Since you don’t care too much when MPs are found in contempt of Parliament, why should you care if MPs mislead voters? (Globe and Mail) (Tip of the lynch lid to the Twitter feed of Simon Houpt, ‘Plenaryman’ at the silver anniversary convention of Canadian University Press in 1986, now arts reporter/columnist at the Globe And Mail)

IN OTHER NEWS, THE CURLING GAME IN HELL HAS GONE INTO EXTRA ENDS Two good articles in the National Post? On Sean Avery and same-sex marriage?

SALES OF SEX TOYS IN BRITAIN EXPECTED TO MATCH SMARTPHONE SALES In the future, a gentleman will try to ignore the buzzing sound stemming from a lady’s purse. Either way the call won’t be for him unless she says otherwise. (Xbiz)

I WANT TO BE THERE … Probably the most intense soccer rivalry in North America gets underway Saturday night when the Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers Saturday night at Quest Field in Seattle. It may not be Rangers/Celtic, or Barca/Real Madrid, but in MLS, where they’ve taken the approach that this sport can be grown the NHL way — treat teams like they’re as interchangeable as Pizza Huts and determine everything by location — this rivalry is closer to what sports rivalries are all about — two fan bases and two neighborhoods. At least, on the surface.

Here’s footage of Portland fans singing the American national anthem just before their inaugural game in MLS last month.