Saskatchewan Stands With The LGBT Community

Pride flag-Legislature (small)
photo by Darrol Hofmeister, sharpshooter photography

On the topic of Pride flags… I was at the Legislature today for two press scrums trying to untangle this casino business (pray for me). Darrol and his trusty camera were along, and since we were there anyway, I asked him to take some shots of the pride flag flying outside the Legislature. Here it is. It’s beautiful.

It’s fantastic that Premier Brad Wall acted so swiftly on this, and he and his government deserve a round of applause (and maybe a friendly tweet or two to @PremierBradWall). Well done.

New, New, New Dog!

New Dog (may 16)The latest Prairie Dog is out, out OUT and it’s great and you should grab a copy at your nearest street box or convenience store or restaurant counter or friendly neighbourhood pub! People! There are at least four reasons you MUST do this! Here they are!

1.) Prairie Dog is a fan-fucking-tastic newspaper and there’s nothing else like it in the province!

2.) Smart, talented, funny, friendly and sexy people read Prairie Dog and since you are (OBVIOUSLY) all of those things, this is the paper for you!

3.) Prairie Dog is a magic potion of genius news reporting and opinionating and HAIL-arious stupid bullshit, plus cartoons! If you read it you’ll see things no one else can see; do things no one else will do! Come ON do I have to keep explaining this?

4.) I can’t remember what the fourth reason was so I asked Morash (publisher) and he said “it will make you taller or at least raise your standing among your peers.” YEAH.

WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THIS EDITION THAT HAS WHITWORTH JIBBER-JABBERING LIKE AN ADHD GERBIL ON A SUGAR HIGH, YOU ASK? Oh, lots of stuff. This Prairie Dog starts off with another amazing cover by Shuster Award winning cartoonist Dakota McFadzean! Flip on into the paper and there’s a hoarder’s attic of great stuff to read — NewsQuirks, a review of Little Saigon, Top 6 columns, a Q &A with a dead pet, a story on the organized labour-bashing Bill 85 (which was just passed in the Sask. legislature), a beautiful obituary for Regina’s indoor skatepark, about eight sentences on our gallant Fougemayor’s housing summit, interviews with the bands Cannibal Corpse and Chains Of Love,  an epic column by John Conway about Stephen Harper’s assholery, CD reviews, Sound Check and Hnetflix, a review of The Great Gatsby, Dan MacRae’s awesomely dumb-ass hockey column, Queen City Confidential, Typo Wiener and more, more, more, MORE!

Prairie Dog! Holy poop, you guys! It’s the most unique reading experience you’ll find in Regina!

Exciting Goings-On On 19 Block Scarth!

Ohanlon patio prep-0I was out for a walk on this fine evening. It included a trip to Central Library to revisit Carol Wainio’s excellent exhibition at the Dunlop, a 20-minute bask on one of the benches by the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, and a leisurely stroll up and down Victoria Avenue from Smith St. to Broad and back.

There are still clumps of snow lingering in areas that don’t get exposed to much sunlight, but as I was sitting in Victoria Park I heard the sound of a buzz saw on the eastern edge of the park. When I investigated, I discovered a group of gentlemen hard at work outside O’Hanlon’s Pub and the Copper Kettle Restaurant.

You can find more photos after the jump.

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New Dog!

New Dog (may 2)I know Regina doesn’t like negativity. Oh, do I know. But even this town’s stare-at-the-sunny-side-until-its-eyes-melt citizenry unites in collective wrath at the snow season that’s only just ended. And why not? The winter of 2012-12 was a frozen, loitering molester that overstayed its welcome by at least six weeks, crushing our dreams of a warm and lovely April in the process. This cold cur, this icy cad, this frosty cockadoodledipstick has earned every fleck of rage-propelled spittle that our righteously frothed gobs can expel. Ptoouii!

But winter’s over now! And to make sure it stays over, we combed through our file photos to find the most springy, warm-weathery image we could for this issue’s cover. BEHOLD! This 2010 shot by Darrol Hofmeister features Whitney and Derek frolicking on a sun-lit Wascana Park path. So bright! So cheerful! So devoid of icicles! Let this Prairie Dog cover be Regina’s talisman against any further unseasonal precipitations of a sub-zero nature.

If you see so much as a speck of snow before October, just roll this edition up and smash that fucker until satisfaction is achieved.

SO WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE? So glad you asked! Ridiculous weather is the focus of both Greg Beatty’s report on the science of the season and an Aidan Morgan essay on April’s under-appreciated horror. Elsewhere, our mighty American friend Paul Constant delves into his nation’s post-Boston, conspiracy-obsessed psyche, while me and Paul Dechene team up for a beat-down on the Conservative party’s latest boundary commission malarkey (fun game: try to guess what parts I wrote). What else? Oh, lots of stuff. We’ve got film and CD reviews, Canada’s most  ADD hockey column, a new Ask Greg (it’s been a while!) and of course the always-popular “and much more”. It’s a good little issue of Prairie Dog! Pick it up at your nearest street box, convenience store, restaurant, pub or coffeeshop, or wherever better free publications are available.

Last Chance To Vote In Best Of Food!

Best of Food 2013Today is the last day you can vote in Best of Food 2013. If you haven’t voted yet, you should for several important reasons: 1.) On voter will win $500 in gift certificates to Regina restaurants, and the odds of winning are not insane. 2.) The more votes, the more meaningful the results! 3.) Restaurants and dining out are an important part of civilization and by voting in this poll, we honour this mighty truth. 4.) While I’m typing this, someone is voting McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish the Best Seafood. You’ve gotta stop them! With your democracy powers! 5.) THERE IS A PRIZE! DID I MENTION THE PRIZE? THERE IS A $500 PRIZE!

Polls close at NOON (-ish)! So vote!

Best Of Food: Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Yum

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for Prairie Dog’s (amazing, awesome, annual) Best Of Food reader’s poll! I’m so excited that I’m showcasing one category every day until voting ends! Today the spotlight is on one of my favourite categories: Best Basic Breakfast!

Everyone loves a good, basic breakfast! You know who doesn’t? Me neither! People who hate puppies maybe? Screw them! Puppies rock! And so does breakfast!* Eggs, toast, bacon,** hash browns, pancakes, waffles, juice, maybe a fruit cup on the side and stuff like that!

But what place served Regina’s Best Basic Breakfast over the last year? Was it a restaurant? A hotel? A pub? A diner? Whaaaaat? Everyone needs to know! So vote here! The polls close Tuesday!


*IMPORTANT: Puppies = Rock,  Breakfast = Rock,  but Breakfast ≠ Puppies

**Tomatoes can often be substituted!

Best Of Food: Coffeeeeeeeee!

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for Prairie Dog’s awesome and annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! I’m so excited that I’m showcasing one category every day until voting ends on Tuesday! Today’s spotlight: Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Two things about plain old coffee: first, if it’s good, it’s not plain. We’re only calling it “plain old coffee” to mark the difference between drip/French press/other basic brewing methods and fancy-schmancy coffees like cafe au lait, espresso, etc.* Regardless, if it’s a mug of tar that tastes like bug shit, it’s not the plain old coffee we’re talking about. Don’t vote for it.**

Second, I just noticed that if you mistype “plain”, you get “Palin”. I don’t know what kind of coffee Sarah Palin brews but it probably tastes like moose piss and sadness.

Anyway, coffee is one of the greatest things ever (along with good sex, ice cream, unicorns and exquisitely-crafted Hollywood blockbusters) and it should be on everyone’s top 10 list of reasons to not jump off a bridge. And when you vote for the best coffee in the 2013 Best Of Regina, you’re helping guide Prairie Dog readers (and their less-civilized friends and relatives who aren’t Prairie Dog readers) to sublime, nay, numinous caffeine-based taste experiences. And that’s a good thing!

So go here and vote for Regina’s Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Coffee - by Puty

*Which you can vote for under Best Fancy-Schmancy Coffee, in fact!

**Or drink it!

Best Of Food: Deep Fried Kraken

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! And I’m so excited I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next Tuesday.

Today’s spotlight: Best Calamari!

I love tentacles!* And you know what has delicious tentacles? Squid! You probably did know that, because the planet’s tastiest cephalopod is served battered and deep-fried all over this town. But kraken craving citizens need to know: where’s the best calamari in Regina? Is it at chain steakhouses? Some local pub? An Asian eatery? An upscale bistro? Yanked straight from Wascana Lake and flash-fried to perfection on its mighty shores by a sketchy dude in a rusty Airstream? Only Prairie Dog readers know the answer to this question upon which the fate of thousands of tentacle-tickled tummies turns. So go here and vote! You have until noon on Tuesday, April 30.

Squid - by Puty

*Squid only have two tentacles: the long things with spade-shaped ends. The rest are just arms. scrumptious, suction-cup-covered arms.

Abortion Has Been Legal In The United States For 40 Years

From the Washington Post:

It’s hard to get 70 percent of Americans to agree on much of anything these days. But, for the first time, one of those things is Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. According to a new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, released on the law’s 40th anniversary Tuesday, fully seven in 10 Americans say they would oppose the overturning of the Supreme Court decision. And perhaps more remarkably, 57 percent say they “feel strongly” that it should not be overturned. In other words, politically speaking, it’s time for Republicans to stop talking about Roe v. Wade.

From The Guardian:

Outlawing abortion doesn’t lead to a lower abortion rate, and some of the countries with the highest abortion rates on the planet are places where it’s illegal. So if outlawing abortion doesn’t mean fewer abortions, what purpose does it serve? Punishing women and making their lives miserable, apparently – illegal abortion doesn’t mean fewer abortions, it means more dangerous procedures and higher maternal mortality rates. Thirteen per cent of maternal deaths around the world result from unsafe illegal abortions. Despite knowing the key to a lower abortion rate, the so-called “pro-life” movement refuses to use it. Instead, they feign concern for babies while doing absolutely nothing to help children and everything in their power to make women’s lives harder and more dangerous if those women dare to believe that they’re entitled to a fulfilling sex life.

From Slate:

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and thus 40 years of an angry, hyper-religious, sex-phobic movement that has sought every avenue it can to turn back the clock, and return abortion to the black market. Anti-choice efforts have been successful in reducing access to safe, legal abortion, but for the past 40 years, pro-choice forces have maintained at least one clinic in every state in the country.That might not last. Now various red states compete to see which can be the first to end legal abortion within their borders first.

From Jezebel:

Last week, I attended an event hosted by Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health in honor of Roe v. Wade’s big 4-0. The organization invited three prominent abortion providers to talk about abortion’s history and future. But only two doctors were actually listed on the event invitation: Dr. Linda Prine, medical director and founder of the Reproductive Health Access Project, and Dr. Willie Parker, an obstetrician gynecologist who is one of the plaintiffs in the Center for Reproductive Rights case opposing a law that would shut down Mississippi’s sole abortion clinic. The third doctor, Dr. Curtis Boyd, has been administering abortions since the pre-Roe ’60s and describes himself as a “very active” speaker who travels around the country advocating for the cause. He’s commonly advertised as a “special guest,” because the FBI fears for his safety and doesn’t want too many people to know his whereabouts. “I’ve become accustomed to it,” Boyd told me. “This is the life I have chosen. I want to make a political difference, so I’m willing to take the risk that comes with speaking out.”

Happy important anniversary, women’s rights.

Merry Christmas And A Happy Turkey Coma

I’m on a couch, full of bird and pretty much incapacitated. It’s lovely. I hope you’re all similarly, happily wrecked.

Let’s wrap this gorgeous day up with a Christmas song. I’m posting this from my cell and I can’t embed the video for whatever arbitrary iPhone reason but nevertheless, here’s a link to an ol’ Dog Blog holiday favourite.

Washington State Is Marrying Everyone Today

Today’s the first day for same-sex marriage in Washington! The state government made it legal earlier this year but allegedly “Christian” hate groups like the National Organization for Marriage ran successful signature-gathering campaigns to put the legislation — and people’s civil rights — on the ballot. That’s as far as Team Homophobe’s winning streak went, though: voters — most of them straight, obviously — supported legal same-sex marriage in November’s election.

And today, there’s a marryathon in Seattle!

It’s all very gorgeous and eye-misting and you can read more here. And here’s a beautiful piece (written by a Pulitzer-winning reporter) about the issuing of the first marriage licences on Thursday. The writer is the tall guy in the last photo.

And a fun fact: the name of the judge who performed the first same-sex marriage is Mary Yu!

One of the most interesting things about all this for me is the fact that putting people’s civil rights on a ballot — which should NEVER be done — actually worked out not just well but was so nice. No one can doubt that the majority of Washingtonians support same-sex marriage rights. That beautiful knowledge will bring people together.


Look At This Beautiful Bus

Isn’t that just the prettiest bus? It’s full of hippies! Christians! Cult followers! Bob Dylan fans! Anyway, these very nice people from a group called The Twelve Tribes came through and had an impromptu open house on Victoria Avenue this afternoon — what a beautiful thing that bus is. They also have a matching ship, apparently.

Bonus Foliage: Victoria Park

Jeez what a beautiful day.

The sun was out, it’s warm, everything’s green… just too lovely. I was supposed to be editing crap  all day buuut, documentation of this gorgeous speciman of a Sunday was essential and I’ll take any excuse to get outside for a bit.

Many more photos after the jump. Click to enlarge ’em.

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