Any Truth To The Rumour?

TigerlilyIt’s not like we’re ground zero for all the nutjobs out there who offer us the scoop on some big news story they’ve somehow become privy to. But it does happen occasionally and some of the “leads” we get from aspiring Deep Throats are doozies. Still, we can’t automatically dismiss them either because sometimes…

I don’t know if this is one of those times, but the other day we got an e-mail with an attached photo showing a group of people at a local steakhouse. The sender recounted how they’d been out for dinner last weekend and ended up next to a table of Conservative and Sask. Party powerbrokers. The blurred photo they took with their smart phone was surreptitious But the snippets of conversation they overheard were just part of the normal restaurant environment. So it’s not like they were eavesdropping when they heard the group, fueled by their disdain with the Wall government’s centrist stance on most issues, discussing the idea of establishing a rival conservative party in Saskatchewan a là Wildrose in Alberta.

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