The 2020 Regina Folk Festival Is Cancelled

Bruce Cockburn performs at the 2018 RFF. I still swear I saw Neko Case in the audience. She’d played the night before, though I was told she was on a flight to Australia during Bruce’s set. Not buying it. | photo by Klaus Naples

It’s a beautiful day outside! It would be perfect for a picnic, but instead of a basket of delicious sandwiches Covid-19 has packed another of its turd burritos for us.

Like it says in the headline, the Regina Folk Fest is the latest casualty of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Regina Folk Festival released an artfully composed statement earlier today explaining the decision:

This kind of feels like a big storm, eh? Like, we can’t leave our houses and if we do, we have to get really bundled up for it. Then, when we get home, we have to change clothes. But, RFF Folks know how to deal with storms (2014, we will remember you always). We know that we’re going to get through it and that even if we have to call the show for lightning, we will come back together when it’s safe to do so.

That’s all to say that, unfortunately, we are canceling the 2020 Regina Folk Festival.

COVID-19 has really felt like a force of nature. We’ve prepared for it, we’re in the thick of it now, and ultimately, we will support each other when it’s over (even if there is some cleaning up to do).

It’s the right call, even though it sucks donkey butt. Oh well. What can you do?

(Here’s one suggestion.)


The Mighty Neko Case Plays The Folk Festival Tonight

Neko CaseNeko Case is fantastic. She’s smart, funny, a world-class singer and songwriter and beautiful too (obvs!) You must get to the Folk Festival tonight to see her! You must! Tickets are still available at the box office for a piddly $60! Holy mackerel, what a bargain!!!!!!!

And in case you don’t believe me about Neko Case being THE. BEST. EVER., I offer the following proofs:

1.) Neko Case has one of the great voices in all musicland. She KILLED it at this afternoon’s Songs Of Heartbreak workshop. Killed it DEAD.

2.) Neko Case can slay it anywhere anywhere! On a stage! In a barn! In the dressing room of a small clothing store:

3.) Last year around this time Neko Case ate all the cupcakes, shit your pants and had an eagle laugh attack!

4.) Neko Case’s song “This Tornado Loves You” is one of the best songs ever written. BEHOLD:

5.) Neko Case does the greatest Iron Maiden cover ever.

Here’s the piece Emmet wrote about Neko Case in the latest Prairie Dog. The night’s entire line-up is strong, too: I’m super excited for Charles Bradley and pumped for Rosanne Cash. See you there!

The Fest So Far

BahamasI’ve been at the Regina Folk Fest most of this weekend (Ron! Where are you?), having a blast. Friday night’s shows were a bit mixed, I thought — I really liked Hayden and Feist’s set was good if not quite great, while Man Man, Elisapie and Nomadic Massive didn’t do it for me. Plus there was too much crowd talking during the so-called “teaser” sets (*what are they teasing? These acts aren’t performing full sets on the mainstage later) for me to enjoy them. My writers keep yelling at me for not liking Close Talker, and they’re probably right — that band seems to be coming along nicely, they have lots of stage presence and I’m probably a buffoon. AGAIN.

I missed part of Saturday but caught the acts I wanted to see: Rah Rah, my second-favourite Regina band, rocked the hell out of the mainstage while Bahamas was HILARIOUS and might have played this year’s best set. But he’s up against a powerhouse line-up tonight: Carolina Chocolate Drops, Niyaz, Rosanne Cash, Charles Bradley and the incredible Neko Case challenge for the strongest one-night line-up at the festival EVER.

How about you? Are you going tonight? Have you been enjoying the Regina Folk Festival?