Best Of Food 2014 Nomination Round: You Have Less Than Two Days!

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HEY! The Best Of Food 2014 nomination round, a.k.a. B.O.F. round one,  closes Monday at 5:00 p.m., SHARP! That means you’re running out of time to nominate your favourite local restaurants, meals, pubs, industry people and miscellaneous other delightful food-related things!

And you SHOULD nominate delightful food-related things! Because you LIKE food, right? You support local businesses, right? Of course you do! So go here and type in the names of these places, food people and meals you adore!

Yay for Regina restaurants!

You don’t have to fill the whole form out, but if you could hit at least 20 or 30 categories, that’d be great!

The top nominees will go on the multiple choice final ballot, which goes live Thursday. If your favourite place isn’t nominated, it obviously won’t be on the ballot! So make sure it is! Nominate it! Tell your friends to nominate it! Force your family to nominate it! Make the whole world nominate it!

Just nominate it, for goodness’ sake!

And hurry! There are only 32 hours left!

Best Of Food 2014: Nomination Round Ends In One Week!

bof2014What it says up there! You only have until 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 24 to nominate your favourite restaurants, menu items, drinking holes and food industry people for Prairie Dog’s 2014 Best Of Regina poll! If you’re the type of person who likes dining out, and you support local business, you should definitely get on this. Also, there are prizes! Prizes, people!!!

And if you’re the owner or manager of a worthy restaurant, you should campaign for nomination — if you don’t promote yourself, and no one else promotes you, you won’t get on the final ballot!

We’ve even made it easy for restaurant owners, managers and anyone else interested in promoting Regina’s dining scene — you can download social media logos here.

So there you go! One more week! Git a-nominating!

Last Chance To Vote In Best Of Food!

Best of Food 2013Today is the last day you can vote in Best of Food 2013. If you haven’t voted yet, you should for several important reasons: 1.) On voter will win $500 in gift certificates to Regina restaurants, and the odds of winning are not insane. 2.) The more votes, the more meaningful the results! 3.) Restaurants and dining out are an important part of civilization and by voting in this poll, we honour this mighty truth. 4.) While I’m typing this, someone is voting McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish the Best Seafood. You’ve gotta stop them! With your democracy powers! 5.) THERE IS A PRIZE! DID I MENTION THE PRIZE? THERE IS A $500 PRIZE!

Polls close at NOON (-ish)! So vote!

Best Of Food: Give Me Kimchi Or Give Me Death

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! Pick up a copy of the latest ‘Dog for a list of the categories, or just head here to vote for your favourite restaurants, meals, bars and pubs, and food people right now! The more votes we get, the more fun and meaningful the results will be.

I’m so excited about Best Of Food 2013 that I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next week. Today’s spotlight is a new category in 2013: Best Korean Restaurant!

Who would’ve thought that in 2013 we’d have enough Korean restaurants, and restaurants serving Korean dishes, to justify a vote for the best one? Not I! And yet here we are: we’ve got, that I’m aware of, Korea House, Life Is Good Korean BBQ, Orange Izakaya, Sake and Miso all either dedicated to Korean cuisine or at least serving some great dishes (there’s a Korean salad at Miso that’s pretty darn yummy). So if you crave bibimbap (who doesn’t?) or lust for kimchi (I do!), Regina now has you functionally covered.

And yet, we must know: what is Regina’s Best Korean Restaurant? Go forth and vote!

New Poll!

Our last poll was “Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number One: What’s the mayor’s biggest success?” It was up for almost a month but only fetched 127 votes. Why so few votes after such a long run? Could it beee because because that poll only had positive options? Could it beee that this blog’s surly, sarcastic readers prefer a spiteful, negative  poll?

We’ll find out! “Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number Two: What’s The Mayor’s Biggest Failure?” awaits your savage democracyon the right side of this page. Scroll down to vote!

Oh yeah: if anyone’s curious, the most popular choice in Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number One was “He was an inspirational leader who restored pride in Regina”, with just over 50 per cent of the votes. Full results after the jump.

Continue reading “New Poll!”

Rejected Poll: The Penalty For Non-Attendance

I pitched this idea for a prairie dog poll earlier this week but it was rejected because that Dan Reynish one at right was already booked. I guess our Mr Whitworth considers crowd sourcing editorial decisions to be more important than poking fun at city hall.

Anyway, here’s my pitch as a blog post. You can put your votes in the comments.

* * * * *

The Jan 23 city council meeting was a total marathon affair. And the only member of council absent was Mayor Fiacco. Apparently he was in Bangkok. Sunny, tropical Bangkok! Some of us who endured those four plus hours think that on his return the mayor should have to participate in a humiliating forfeit to make up for it.

What do you think his forfeit should be?

1. Inaugurate the downtown plaza stage by singing a karaoke version of Petula Clark’s “Downtown” one noon hour.

2. At the next council meeting, wear a prairie dog typo wiener t-shirt with the “typo” part blacked out.

3. Treat the journos who survived the meeting to a round of drinks at O’Han’s. (We like this one best.)

4. Three words: Lose. The. Mullet.

5. Oh, leave the guy alone, will you? Even the mayor deserves some fun in the sun!

End Of Day Housecleaning: New Poll, Old Poll, Bonus Baby Octopus

A couple of things before I head out the door for the evening and the hockey. First: we finally have a new, post-holiday poll up for you to vote in! The question: “By noon, Jan. 3, Canada’s richest humans had made more money than most Canadians earn in a year. What should be done?” (Obviously this relates to this story.) So far, two people have discovered the new poll. One respected voter picked the joke answer while another esteemed voter picked the chickenshit, cowardly, suck-up-to-the-rich-guy option*.

But as this is one of those polls that tends to invite, erm, tons of web traffic, I expect there’ll be a lot more activity by the end of the week. Or maybe not. We’ll see!

Second: the last poll, about preferred holiday greetings, is now closed but we learned something interesting and unexpected. While 1.35 per cent of our readers chose “Happy Hanukkah” as their holiday blessing of choice, a much larger percentage–14.86!–picked “May the Force Be With You”. In other words, we have more Jedi readers than Jewish readers. Who knew?

Actually that’s a little disturbing.

Third, hey, look what I found on Teh Internets! So cute!

*Unless, I guess, the voter is one of those Canadian multi-millionaires. In which case he or she (he) just voted for his selfish, vested interest.

New Poll: Prairie Dog Kumite Number Two! YOU MUST FIGHT!

Vote over on the side of the page. Wait, what the hell is a “Kumite”, and how is it pronounced? Sorry, I thought every knew. Here is the answer you seek.

By the way, Prairie Dog Kumite Number One was won by the formidable tag-team of Dot And Mae actors Judy Wensel and Lucy Hill (13 votes). Library Voices Carl Johnson was second (10 votes). Star Trek icon William Shatner, NHL star Dustin Byfuglien and Regina Ward 2 Councillor Jocelyn Hutchinson went down without much of a fight.

Better New Poll!

New question, in response to people who were peeved about my last poll question. And it is:

“Let’s try this again. Which Regina Folk Festival mainstage artist are you most looking forward to? (And we’ve included everybody playing a full set this time!)”

Vote on the right side of the page. First person to say we should’ve included the ‘tweener sets gets booed. I mean it, people!

In Case You Missed It: New Poll! New Podcast!

First, in case you haven’t looked down the page, there’s a new prairie dog podcast up with all kinds of election stuff in it. Should be good–I haven’t listened to it yet myself but there’s never a dull moment with team podcast. Except when they talk about Doctor Who for 10 minutes. But I’m sure they’re not doing that this time. Scroll down the page or click on the direct link here.

Second, in case you didn’t read my Six In The Morning post to the end, we have a new poll up! Totally uncontroversial and politics-free! It’s on the right side of this page under the ad stack. It’s probably the most fun you’ll have voting today!

Wednesday A.M. Threesome: Polls, Prizes & Shirts

Attention please!

1.) If you missed it, there’s a new poll on our site. The question is “What should be done with Canada’s pension plan.” Yeah I know, real original. Well they can’t all be airport gropes. Besides the Canada Pension Plan is very important and I’ll bet money most Canadians would choose to have their deductions go up slightly to keep them out of poverty as seniors. So go vote! Or better yet, go vote and then contact your MLA and share your concerns.

2.) We have a contest running on the blog for a mystery prize (it’s a mystery to me, too!) In a nutshell, we got a letter from someone suggesting that, since one of our articles didn’t blatantly give free promotion to local shops, ‘well then maybe local Regina businesses shouldn’t advertise in prairie dog, so there!’ Here’s the direct link. You should enter to win whatever this prize will be. I’ll get something that’s not too stupid, probably from a local store that advertises because that’s funny.

3.) Hey if you want to give someone a prairie dog T-shirt for Christmas you’re running out of time! Our tees — designed by News Quirks illustrator Myron Campbell and beautifully printed on premium shirts by FloPrint’s rock and roll silkscreen commandos — may be purchased in our office today and Thursday (1-5 p.m.) and after that we’re closed up! (Well, I’ll be lurking but I won’t be answering the buzzer.) We’ve still got lots of tees left! (And of course, shirts are also available at the good ol’  Novia Cafe.)

Just look! So! Many! Pretty! Colours!

New Poll: Airport Molestation

Slate magazine has a good article by Christopher Hitchens on the United State’s panicked, irrelevant and offensive grope-and-scan airport security initiatives. A small excerpt:

Perhaps you can begin to see where, as they say, I am going with this. In order for us to take them even remotely seriously, our Homeland Security officials should by now have had no alternative but to announce a series of random body-cavity searches some months ago. At least that might have had a deterrent effect and broken the long tradition of waiting for the enemy to dictate all the terms, all the time. It is a certainty that this deadly back-passage tactic will be tried. It is equally a certainty that it will find us even more defenseless than before.

I agree with the point Hitchens makes — G&S is ridiculous, intrusive and creepy. And it won’t even work. There isn’t a single al Quada terrorist who’ll be caught by a scan or a balls-squeeze. (There might well be a few Americans with marginal personalities and firearms permits who snap violently at the prospect of having their genitals searched for bombs, though.)

But it’s one thing to say grope-and-scan is dumb and futile. What I want to know is, is this airport security affecting your travel plans? And that’s this week’s poll question–as always, it’s located on the right side of the page. Have at ‘er!

New Poll!

“Okay, armchair economists, of these options, what’s the best way to help low-income people and families?” Look left right for the box and mark your choice.

And because I know you’re interested, here are the final results on our last poll question, “Will you wear a Remembrance Day poppy this year?” Eighty-four people voted.

Yes. The dead should always be remembered. 50% (42 votes)

Maybe. The two choices in this lame poll don’t let me accurately express my nuanced opinion. 39.29% (33 votes)

No. Canada’s becoming warlike and poppies feed the madness.  10.71% (9 votes)

New Poll! Finally!

“Canada will buy 65 F-35 air superiority fighter jets for $140 million each. Total cost: $16 billion, including maintenance. How would you spend $16 billion?”

Vote on the right side of the page. It’s fun! And for anyopne who wants to do a little research before they cast their opinion into virtual stone, you can read up on the F-35 on Wikipedia. And there’s an excellent and very critical article in the Toronto Star, here.

On The Bright Side: New Poll!

The question: “What do you think of the Saskatchewan government now that they’ve privatized the Saskatchewan Cable Communications Network?” Your options are “smart”, “stupid”, “sleazy” and “don’t care, sad about too much rain”. Poll is on the right side of the page as always.

UPDATE! “Communications”! “Saskatchewan Communications Network”! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!