“Due To Your Strong Left-Wing Views I Can’t Advertise With You”

I guess it isn’t surprising how often prairie dog sales reps have heard this line over the years. It happened again this week — a new client booked a campaign, read prairie dog for apparently the first time and promptly cancelled his ads, giving as his reason the sentence in this post’s headline.


It’s so weird when Regina business owners and organizations won’t do business with companies with different political views*. They should base their print/web marketing decisions on readership, not politics**. And lots of people read prairie dog — thousands and thousands. Business owners want prairie dog‘s awesome readers to see their ad and think about their products. Don’t they?

It’s too bad some of them have apparently confused “advertising” with “a kickback to newspapers that write favourably about whatever nonsense I believe”.


*The  guy our sales guy talked to wasn’t specific so I don’t know what “left-wing” means to him. Conway? Suzuki? My editorial about my aunt who voted for Barack Obama? I know, it was probably the Metric cover feature. Either that or Dan MacRae’s Bonus Column on the NHL lockout. Damn unionized hockey players!

**If you own a business and want to advertise just because you think we’re awesome that’s okay too.

Speaking Of Postmedia…

1.) The guy (of course it’s a guy — Postmedia’s executive team is all-male) ultimately in charge of the Leader-Post and StarPhoenix works under the title president National Post and executive vice president eastern Canada. Yup, Saskatchewan is an eastern Canadian market. Who knew?

2.) Scroll to the bottom of any page and look at the clocks showing the time in some of the Canadian cities the corporation has newspapers. They have the wrong time for Regina. It’s an hour slow. And Saskatoon isn’t there at all.

Postmedia obviously devotes a lot of thought to its Saskatchewan products. Which is what the Leader-Post and The StarPhoenix apparently are to Postmedia’s head office. Products.

I prefer newspapers.

We Haz Verb!

Well well! Prairie dog has some more competition! It’s not just QC, the Leader-Post’s ad-poaching, fake-alt-style publication insert anymore. No, now we have Verb too! VERB, people!!!

Backing up: this morning, street boxes for a  weekly publication called Verb appeared all over Regina’s downtown. Many/most/all?? of them are chained to traffic light standards, which I’m totally sure the City of Regina is 100 per cent okay with. Because what are the chances that some goofball just dumped ’em off overnight without permission?

So, what is this Verb (that’s “Brev” backwards!) that wants to take a chunk out of prairie dog’s business? Well, it’s been published in Saskatoon for a few years now — I’ve been aware of it since it’s its website went live with a marketing kit that was almost word-for-word the same as our sister paper’s (Planet S). You can take a look here and get an idea of what Verb is all about. I think you’ll find it to be smart, funny, full of editorial integrity and wow, just beautifully-designed overall.

No seriously, look at it. Wow.

This is big news in Regina. I’ve already been interviewed about it by a journalist school student. I’m afraid I might have said a few harsh things — perhaps even the “eff” word! Then again she did gush approvingly that Verb is attractive because it’s “colourful” which might have soured my mood the teensiest, weensiest bit. (And also she may have been trying to get a rise out of me, which is what good journalists do.)

The biggest thing for me? You cannot imagine how much I’m looking forward to seeing which Regina businesses that refuse to advertise in prairie dog will advertise in Verb. Boutique furniture, clothing and audio stores? Crown corporations? Fine dining establishments? Certain unnamed Regina live theatres? This has the potential to be hilarious.

Is Verb the paper that Regina has always deserved but never had (at least since the L-P stopped publishing Kicks)? Is it time for prairie dog to throw in the towel? Comments are below. Let ‘er rip!