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Trump Vs. Everybody

Hiya Regina! It’s-11 with a -16 windchill. It’s supposed to get to -5 this afternoon and sliiide down -8 tonight. The sun came up at 8:41 and it sets at 5:42. Slowly closing in on that 6:00 threshhold! So we lost...

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New Dog!

I know Regina doesn’t like negativity. Oh, do I know. But even this town’s stare-at-the-sunny-side-until-its-eyes-melt citizenry unites in collective wrath at the snow season that’s only just ended. And why...

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Q Live in Regina

Today’s special Juno episode of CBC’s Q was recorded live at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina last night.  Host Jian Ghomeshi’s guests included locals Sandra Butel and Jayden Pfeifer, Canadian Music Hall of...

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Pick Of The Day: The Book

Based in Ottawa, Carol Wainio has practiced as an artist since the 1980s. In artistic circles in Canada she’s well-known. But in mainstream society, probably not so much. Although Wainio did receive a bit of a boost in the...

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Johnny Esaw, Dead At 87

For sports fans of a certain vintage (actually, several vintages) Johnny Esaw is a familiar name. I associate the North Battleford-born sportscaster who passed away today in Toronto at the age of 87 with CFL telecasts during the...

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