Best Of Food Secrets, Revealed!

On Friday, a reader seemingly unfamiliar with Prairie Dog’s Best-Of reader polls e-mailed us a bunch of questions about the recent Best Of Food & Drink issue. I thought some Dog Blog readers might have similar questions so I’m sharing his letter, along with my attempt to address his concerns. Here it is!

The best of Regina issue has to be one of the best hoots of the year. Do you actually expect anyone to take this nonsense seriously. Why don’t you state how many people voted for each of the so called best. I’m guessing no way since you don’t want anyone to know for example the best Beer Menu, whatever the hell that is and who cares, was named the best based on 2 votes. Both from people who work there.

The best server selected by chickens in the parking lot. How the hell could anyone know the best server in the whole frickin city unless they went to each place. I know and you nobody did this.

How are votes tabulated? Vote online as many times as you want?

C’mon Prairie Dog. Show us the numbers voted on for each best of category Or have you something to hide. Why not, most know it’s a farce already.

Unsigned Reader

Hey Unsigned, thanks for writing! I’m glad you enjoyed Best of Food & Drink 2015! That’s a lot of questions but I’ll try to answer them. Let me know if I miss anything!

1.) “Do you actually expect anyone to take this nonsense seriously.”

Readers can take Best Of Food & Drink any way they want. If they don’t want to take it seriously, that’s fine — it’s a public popularity contest narrated by an obnoxious fictional character. It is a little silly. But a lot of people enjoy it and that’s good enough for us. Besides, the results are useful — they give a valuable, if imperfect, snapshot of Regina’s dining scene. For example, Best Restaurant winner Flip is a great place to eat, but the odds are many Reginans still don’t know about it. Best Of Regina gives Flip, and the entire restaurant scene, more exposure. As a supporter of local businesses, I think that’s worthwhile! Continue reading “Best Of Food Secrets, Revealed!”