The Best Of Food & Drink Final Ballot Is Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

bof2014-bgWhat it says up there! From now until May 1, you can vote for your favourite candidates in 80 categories including Best Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Server and of course the ever-popular Best Place For A Wicked Bender. Everything’s multiple choice, based on your nominations from the last round of voting. Multiple choice = so easy!

So register, vote, log in again and change your votes if you like! And, a bonus: one lucky voter will win $500 in gift certificates to some of these places!

And if you’re a candidate? Promote yourself with these handy graphics and posters!

Let’s do this thing and showcase the always-growing, ever-evolving Regina  drinking and dining scene!

Best Of Food & Drink 2014! It’s on!

Do You Have Money And Love Local, Independent Media? Hello There!

Prairie Dog wuvs you!

A while back we added a permanent “Donate” link to our website’s menu bar. Maybe you noticed it? It’s for Prairie Dog readers who might want to support our (free!) newspaper with actual money!

Speaking without any, ahem, bias, I think this is a great idea.

The fact is, Prairie Dog is an essential part of Regina’s media and cultural landscape, and its existence matters a lot to a lot of people. So while we are (and will remain) an advertising-supported venture, we believe our fans deserve the opportunity to be a part of this enterprise beyond just reading*. And now, they — you — can be a part of it!

If you or someone you know has been blessed by the prosperity fairy, please consider making a donation. It’s not tax deductible — after all, we’re a business! — but I promise we’ll use your donation to make the paper (and hopefully as a result, Regina) better.

For more information or to make an actual donation, click here. Want to heap praise, offer criticism or share miscellaneous thoughts about Prairie Dog, Regina’s unique, 21-year-old alternative newspaper? Leave a comment below!

*Also awesome and appreciated!

Best Of Food 2014 Nomination Round: You Have Less Than Two Days!

Best Of Food 2014 logo

HEY! The Best Of Food 2014 nomination round, a.k.a. B.O.F. round one,  closes Monday at 5:00 p.m., SHARP! That means you’re running out of time to nominate your favourite local restaurants, meals, pubs, industry people and miscellaneous other delightful food-related things!

And you SHOULD nominate delightful food-related things! Because you LIKE food, right? You support local businesses, right? Of course you do! So go here and type in the names of these places, food people and meals you adore!

Yay for Regina restaurants!

You don’t have to fill the whole form out, but if you could hit at least 20 or 30 categories, that’d be great!

The top nominees will go on the multiple choice final ballot, which goes live Thursday. If your favourite place isn’t nominated, it obviously won’t be on the ballot! So make sure it is! Nominate it! Tell your friends to nominate it! Force your family to nominate it! Make the whole world nominate it!

Just nominate it, for goodness’ sake!

And hurry! There are only 32 hours left!

Best Of Food 2014: Nomination Round Ends In One Week!

bof2014What it says up there! You only have until 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 24 to nominate your favourite restaurants, menu items, drinking holes and food industry people for Prairie Dog’s 2014 Best Of Regina poll! If you’re the type of person who likes dining out, and you support local business, you should definitely get on this. Also, there are prizes! Prizes, people!!!

And if you’re the owner or manager of a worthy restaurant, you should campaign for nomination — if you don’t promote yourself, and no one else promotes you, you won’t get on the final ballot!

We’ve even made it easy for restaurant owners, managers and anyone else interested in promoting Regina’s dining scene — you can download social media logos here.

So there you go! One more week! Git a-nominating!

Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!

nominate-me-200Hello, fellow food fans! Best of Food’s first-ever nomination round is open and Prairie Dog needs you to vote for your favourite Regina restaurants, menu items, places to drink and food industry people. Between three and five of the top vote-getters in every category will go on to the final round, so if you like a place, support it!

Cast your nomination votes here!

Any questions? Yes, you in the plastic “Spider-Man” bib:

I don’t understand any of this. What’s this nomination round?

Sigh. Okay, you know how the NHL has a regular season and the playoffs? This is the regular season. The top vote getters will go on to the Best Of Food  playoffs.

Okay, I sort of get that. How do we do this again?

Click here and all will be explained. It’s fun and easy! Continue reading “Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!”

Gravatars: An Extremely Fun Thing You Can Do With Prairie Dog Now

Dog Blog commentators have probably noticed the big blue “G” logos besides their names. Those thingies aren’t decorative; they’re placeholders for Gravatars. What’s a Gravatar? You know how you have a profile picture on your Facebook page? Same sorta idea! Continue reading “Gravatars: An Extremely Fun Thing You Can Do With Prairie Dog Now”

Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Queen City Ex Parade

Everybody loves a parade, don’t they?

Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., the annual parade which kicks-off the Queen City Ex will be held. Because of continuing construction in downtown Regina, the parade route will skirt the downtown as it did last year.

The parade starts at the intersection of Dewdney Ave. and Cameron St. and will travel east from there through the Warehouse District to Broad St. From there, it will head south to Broadway Ave., ending up as it usually does at the Tartan Curling Club.

As for the above picture, it’s not actually from the Queen City Ex parade. But there’s a certain media outlet in Regina that’s currently in negotiations with Saskatchewan Roughrider mascot Gainer the Gopher to borrow his mobile burrow so that we — I mean, they, can have a float in the parade too.

How cool would that be?

Astrological Realignment?

Worried you’re not who you are? Afraid all the signs have changed? Well, it’s probably all right. From Rob Brezsny, author of the syndicated column Free Will Astrology:

Western astrologers don’t work with stars or constellations. Their focus is our solar system. They study the patterns of the planets and the moon as they pass through 12 zones defined by the relationship between the Earth and sun. Those zones have the same names as constellations because of a historical quirk, but they are unrelated to the constellations. When Parke Kunkle triumphantly says, “There is no physical connection between constellations and personality traits,” as if he has finally stamped out the delusions of us astrologers, he doesn’t realize that we agree with him completely. We don’t deal with constellations.

So there you go. If you were a Capricorn last year (which is what you are if you were born on today’s date) you are still a Capricorn now.

(And also: you realize that astrology is something you follow for fun, right? The position of planets doesn’t determine your personality. Astrological systems can encourage imaginative and intuitive thinking and there is insight to be had in that but there can be madness too. Maaadness! So don’t go overboard.)

Pick of the Day: MacKenzie Gallery Holiday Celebration

Today from 2-4 p.m. the MacKenzie Art Gallery is hosting its annual holiday party. If you go, not only will you have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of fun activities, you’ll also be able to check out all the great art that’s on display.

There’s a couple of bodies of work by Vancouver photographer/artist Ian Wallace, along with Real Life which features sculptural and video installations by Ron Mueck (that’s his Head of a Baby above) and Guy Ben-Ner. For more info on Real Life, here’s a link to an article Carle wrote on it back in September.

Finally, there’s an MFA exhibit by Jennifer Mapplebeck called FLUX ÆTERNA in which dinnertable  excesses (as depicted via a ceramic installation) serve as a metaphor for our reckless disregard of the environment.

Also on this afternoon is a People’s Assembly On Climate Justice at Knox Met United Church (lower level) from 2-5 p.m. To pre-register call 551-8500.

Pick of the Day: Guided Walking Tour

Historic College Avenue.

That’s the title of this Heritage Regina-sponsored walk and talk by Robin Adeney that’s taking place this aft at 2 p.m.. I’m not sure how much of College Robin plans to cover. Probably the most historic part runs from Albert St. to maybe Halifax. And the tour does start at Darke Hall (pictured) at 2 p.m. So that will probably be the focus.

Pick Of The Day: Mixed Bag

There’s a pile of stuff happening tonight. At the Lazy Owl out at the University of Regina there’s a drag show fundraiser for the student queer organization GBLUR. Just down the hall at Riddell Centre in the Shu-Box Theatre there’s a concert of experimental music and immersive soundscapes called Sounding Landscapes. Both events start at 8 p.m. At the Exchange, rising Saskatoon alt-country band Deep Dark Woods is playing a gig. Here’s a link to a post James Brotheridge did on the band last week. And “Foghat” is at the Casino. Those aren’t meant as sneer quotes, by the way, just an effort on my part to dramatize that the band that hits the stage tonight is pretty much Foghat in name only. I checked on Wikipedia, and two of the original members are dead — one expired from kidney cancer in 2000, the other of a heart attack in 2005. And since this blues-rock group got going in the U.K. in 1970, it looks like a whole shitload of musicians have played for them. But I think the drummer is still an original member. There’s also a big International Women’s Day celebration at Queensbury Centre with guest-speaker Buffy Sainte-Marie (pictured), and Telemiracle XXXIV kicks off tonight at Conexus Arts Centre.