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The Raid 2: Berandal

I love martial art movies. So when I heard that writer / director Gareth Evans had made a sequel to his brilliant 2011 masterpiece The Raid, I was very excited. The Raid was a Indonesian action film directed by Gareth Evans (not...

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Sunday Matinee: Blow Out

I’ve been watching a lot of Brian De Palma lately particularly his work in the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s. Blow Out (1981) was De Palma’s 14th film. De Palma had previously directed Dressed To Kill...

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Sunday Matinee: Tokyo Story

Last year Tokyo Story (1953) was named number three on the greatest movies ever made Sight and Sound list. The list is compiled from directors and film critics around the world once ever ten years. While it was number three...

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Sunday Matinee: Zatôichi

I had something else originally planned for today’s Sunday Matinee but then Criterion announced something that I couldn’t ignore. On November 26 Criterion is releasing a massive 27 disc / 25 movie box set of...

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Sunday Matinee: Red Dust

Back in 1932 Clark Gable teamed up with Jean Harlow for the second time. The film Red Dust was such a hit that MGM decided to continue pairing the two for a grand total of six films. This pre-code film was also remade in 1953 as...

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